Moves the battle away from the common Western Front focus of World War II and refocuses on some of history’s most brutal and devastating conflicts on the Eastern Front, challenging players to take command of the iconic Red Army and repel the Nazi invaders from the very gates of Moscow.

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Jul 28th, 2013 5 people agree 0 people don't

I'm just waiting for mods to come out for COH 2 to make it more playable.

cordenand says
3 cordenand

Jun 28th, 2013 9 people agree 3 people don't

an utter disappointment for something that had 4 years since tales of Valor, you would think relic learned a thing or two from there past games and the great modding community work sadly they did not.

ComradeWinston says
1 ComradeWinston

Jun 26th, 2013 12 people agree 6 people don't

Singleplayer Campaign
The anti-communist message shoved in the player's face during the campaign is insufferable. I play video games to be a part of epic battles, glorious tales of heroism and so on. Not to have a game tell me how to look at the world via the cheapest and most inaccurate means possible; practically verging on Homefront levels of offensive in the propaganda department. Except here the narrative is trying to convince you that you are the bad guy and you should feel bad, because the Soviet Union is bad okay, remember communism is bad, and Stalin is satan and... stuff... SOVIET UNION IS EVIL, REMEMBER THAT PERSON PLAYING THIS GAME. COMMUNISMS = BAD

General Stuff
Public custom lobbies aren't even an option, so if you liked playing Annihilation don't plan on ever playing it with anyone but people you know. The units aren't anything more interesting than the original's, and more than half the generals are "premium" aka you need to buy them. Visually it's hardly up to 2010 standards if even, and there is no shortage of Relic DLC whoring to the point of charging for faceplates.

After playing a few auto-matches, so far the Germans have won every time. Every single one of those times, their victory could be described by the two simple words: Panther & Tiger. And I've played about an equal number of times as either side, no matter what it's always the same thing. At best the USSR dominates from the start and gets run over by tanks in the end. After six months I expect far better balance in an RTS game.

Wait until the Deluxe Edition costs $15 or something, better yet just buy the original Company of Heroes. This game is a pitiful excuse for a sequel.

Angel_of_Death2 says
1 Angel_of_Death2

Aug 23rd, 2013 6 people agree 1 person doesn't

Avoid this game like the plauge.

Torch6 says
1 Torch6

Aug 11th, 2013 7 people agree 2 people don't

From Russia with love...

NKА says

Jul 31st, 2013 7 people agree 2 people don't

Goebbels approves this game, because it is sample of nazi revisionism.

guldan says
1 guldan

Sep 29th, 2013 4 people agree 0 people don't
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GeneralPsYcHo says
1 GeneralPsYcHo

Sep 18th, 2013 4 people agree 0 people don't

F*cking auto grafics, and shity balance thats why

Brigadeführer says
1 Brigadeführer

Sep 16th, 2013 4 people agree 0 people don't

what a ****!, I want my money back. They have me fooled using the name of Company of heroes. This is not Company of Heroes.

Masik-Emik says
6 Masik-Emik

Jun 29th, 2013 8 people agree 4 people don't

I'm a big fan of CoH series, played shi* load of mods for it and when I've heard that the new CoH has been announced I was really amazed. I knew a relic was a good game dev and I have expected a lot. I've even pre-ordered the 100$ edition on steam. So, the game was released just a few days ago. And you know what ? I've been completely fu**ed by what I have seen. Okay, let's start guys. Soviets and Germans have lots of balance problems. For example a German sniper is an expensive sack of shi, which cannot kill even a single squad. And the soviet sniper team isn't overpowered, yet simply kills a German sniper 1-on-1 and that's for the same price (360 manpower). Okay, what about infantry ? Oh yeah, if you buy a single mg-42 for your grenadiers you can simply crush 2-3 squads of conscripts. And the problem is, even if you don't buy mg-42 for your grenadiers (which cost the same as the soviet conscripts) they can easily kill a squad of conscripts. Okay, what bout tanks ? The only way Soviet Union can kill tiger is to buy 4 T-34. You got any other ideas ? "Ya, trap them into the ambush of ZiS-3 guns and kill him!". Okay, that would work for computer, but what you gonna do if you play against a real person ? No one is that stupid to send his tanks into the ambush. General's selection is the other problem. The only general that impressed me (when I was playing for soviets) was the conscript general, because with him, the conscripts gain the ability to repair buildings and vehicles. That's it. I couldn't see any other generals that could impress me. The damage system is a shi* as well. In the trailer they've said "more realism". That's how they got me again. I wish every WW2 strategy game would have such a nice dmg system as a blitzkrieg mod does. Seeing how the tanks are shooting each other for 9-10 shots is retarded. So, making the conclusion I can say that I've wasted 100 bucks. Only mods like blitzkrieg can save this game.

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