CHIVALRY: Medieval Warfare is a first-person medieval online combat game that seeks to deliver the intensity of epic hollywood medieval block busters to the hands of a gamer. CHIVALRY hurls the player into a fictional medieval world where the Agathian Knights are battling against the newly formed Mason Order for control of the lands of Agatha.

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A fresh new game with lots of possible potential it it.


HampstaSandwich says

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You can cut people's heads off.

Lagiest game ever. Runs, with lowest graphics possible, 15 - 20 fps. Skyrim, a much more demanding game, runs a good 40 fps with higher settings.

Medieval Warfare is in the same way the mod was. Too bad it feels like the only important change is the engine... But if you liked it, you will obviously like this one.

I love too much this amazing game ! Just try it !

Amazing game, Simple but fun. Solid 80 hours in 1 month. Best out of all the medieval setting games.

Heads, arms and legs flying all over the place and the voice acting is great and hilarious. All the objectives are hands on. No standing near a point to caputure (excluding king of the hill). Kill the peasants burn the village, batter down the gates and kill the king. Interactive objectives and many more where that came from.

If you aren't playing this game you are missing out.

The best game ever!!!

This game is simply amazing. Its a completely new idea and there is no other game like it. It is tons of fun and quite competitive. It can satisfy all sorts of players, those who are out there to win and achieve and those who just want to have a fun time decapacitating enemies on the field of battle.

Ok... The bottom line hear for me is that I'm having more fun than I've had in many years, and never have I had more FUN! I own a g60vx laptop 1gb of visual memory 2.13gig processor and this game is fricking running at 45 to 70 fps on 1080p all settings maxed out besides SSAO (medium) and Abient occlution (which I don't really like anyway). This is the best I've seen from the unreal engine. The sounds are perfect, griddy and wet.
The levels are beautiful. The only bite is the limited 360 controller support, we need work here. That aside for an indie game, I've never been so blown away. Thanks Torn Banner Studios I hope this is only a sample of whats to come!

i just love it..

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