Comedy fanatic and high school student Miley Verisse has decided to set up a comedy club in her school, but her nemesis and the head of the student council, Octavia Richmond, isn’t about to make things easy… The school rules require a minimum of 5 students to set up a new club and Miley is 3 people short! Spring break has just started and Miley has until the end of April to recruit the 3 new members she needs to start the club or Octavia will have the last laugh!

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Breezy and peppy in its mood, as well as keenly welcome for its uncommon spin on a common type of visual adventure novel, Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a superb example of Western-ization done well for a Japanese indie title. Although fundamentally constructed in the vein of a standard dating sim - from the abstract stats that can be leveled to the smattering of living targets that can be befriended - this 4-5 hour romp delivers instead a quest to recruit potential members into a hoped-for comedy club. Spunky heroine Miley and the diverse troupe of Cherry Tree high schoolers who populate this little town chill, charm, and chat it up over the course of 45 in-game days; their dialogue - which ranges from the trivial (quirky and amusing) to the relatable (loss of friends, family, employment, or comfort) - stems from a solid translation job that both respects the estimable source material and converts much of it into an American setting without crudely erasing its luster. Props go out to the game's stylishly cute artwork, infectiously catchy musical tunes, and wholly appealing characters. May CTHCC be one of the first of many easygoing Eastern visual titles that digital distribution platforms supply to Western shores!

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