CDF Ghostship Ghostship is a first person shooter (old style) with 5 different game modes and a huge open world space craft to explore.

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Jun 23 2013, 5:32pm Anchor

The recommended specs need to be confirmed, that is why this thread is here. Out of well over 500 downloads, 3 people have experienced frame rate issues. I have personally tested this on 3 machines (desktops) the lowest being a 2 core, integrated graphics chip with gb memory. it runs around 15 fps and slows down a bit more when enemies are on screen.

With more feedback being posted if people are experiencing similar problems then by the time the full release in 2014 the game will be fine as mentioned before. The rerecorded specs are quite low for avid gamers, and rig with this spec is very cheap today, and will be even cheaper in 6 months time :)

Jun 23 2013, 8:31pm Anchor

Well I guess that it would be better then to do the framerate optimization when the graphical customization is available in the beta. At that point people with high-powered machines could tell you what their framerates are (on average) with all settings maxed out. The recommended settings would be for everything at Maximum settings with a minimum of 30 FPS solid framerate with very few dips in framerate.

Alternatively, you could make a benchmark tool for your game, and have people with machines test it out and provide you their average framerate from the benchmark test. Though this would be a more of an "aside" item and would probably divert too much time and effort in doing this. Probably be better to post either here or CDF, to have people submit their average framerate for each game section (as each section is different) with their machine specs and then this would help to determine what the real recommended specs are. Just a thought at least.

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Jun 23 2013, 11:04pm Anchor

There is a benchmark test, Press F3 for frame rate :)

Jun 23 2013, 11:32pm Anchor

Its unreliable >.< Most of the time it says 60+ FPS, but yet my framerate is laggying like shit.

Jun 24 2013, 12:34am Anchor

strange, its accurate on my 3 machines (exactly same as fraps when that is running at same time, looks like ghostship doesn't like your laptop, see how the next alpha is :)

Jun 24 2013, 3:16pm Anchor

Yah, I don't really know what to say. I can give you a screenshot of the 60+ FPS for each section of the ship as proof if you like, but ya, it says its 60+, but its more like 20 or less. We'll just have to see how V0.34 treats me :)

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