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Lord_Porksword Unreal Old Friends
Jun 18 2013 Anchor

Using twin 660Ti's! :D

Jun 18 2013 Anchor

That would do it. Two 2gb DDR5 cards.
Do you notice any framerate issues at all Lord_Porksword? Cause if you do, just slightly, then others without your graphics power would be finding them much worse.

Jun 18 2013 Anchor

Yeah that's a good gaming rig :) There will be the full optimizations by the final game as well as lots of customization for performance, so by the time the game comes out it should be fine on the min specs, but don't forget the min specs are for a desktop system, laptop specs would be slightly higher and then you might have cooling issues with laptops.

Jun 18 2013 Anchor

What are the minimum/recommended specifications actually based upon though? Are they a number pulled out of thin air or is it the average specifications for 30 FPS? or 60 FPS? Or what? And what kind of settings could a "recommended" user use? Does that mean that if you meet the recommended, you can have 60 FPS with maximum every setting? 30 FPS? Can ya help me out with this Shaun?

EDIT: I ask because the "recommended" specifications for Skyrim is a Quad Core, 1gb graphics card and 4gb of RAM. However, if you try to play the game at maximum all settings you generally only get about 15-30 FPS on average. In actuality, to be able to play Maximum everything, you'd need a high-end quad core, 1-2 gb graphics card and about 8 GB of RAM to get a solid 45-60 FPS on average.

Lord_Porksword Unreal Old Friends
Jun 18 2013 Anchor

Nah no framerates issues for me running at 1920x1080.
Without ini tweaking, the engine is capped at 60fps iirc. My rig sit's on 60 never dipping below.

Just FYI, I'm running a watercooled i7-920 @ 3.6Ghz, 6gig DDR3-1600, 660Ti SLi under Win7 x64.

Jun 18 2013 Anchor

I am using a crappy 8 core bulldozer, with a an ATI 6870 2gb, which is the old one i get when they first came out a while back. I get no frame-rate issues on that at 1920 x 1080. On my other machine its a 6 core phenom 2 with a very old 1 gig nvdia card - 250, and that runs fine until the smg pops up.

I even ran it old my misses old computer which is an acer 2core, onbaord graphics chip and 4 gig of mem. At lowest resolution its runs at around 15 fps and can slow down to 5 -8 when there are lots of enemies. Didn't think it would run on that one at all, but it did.

Also, in your nvidea control panel, have you set it to use the gpu for physX, or is it on auto? Try that if you haven't and see if that helps.

Jun 19 2013 Anchor

K I forced my GPU to ONLY use PhysX via the Control Panel and didn't have any improvement whatsoever. It defaulted to it anyway. I don't know why your game hates my machine, but it does. I've been playing Far Cry 3 lately and haven't had any framerate issues with it, so dunno. What I can say is that, my framerates were EVEN worse on Medical, and even turning around too fast to check corners caused my game to freeze briefly (ie 0 frames per second). The plasma SMG still freezes, and the Minigun doesn't like me either when its firing.

On that note: The minigun takes FOREVER to wind up. Like a full 2-3 seconds. I had one of those little biters chasing me and it was like 15 meters away when I started to wind up, and it actually got close enough to deal damage before the minigun killed it (powerful that minigun). What I would suggest is a wind-up mode where it winds up the minigun beforehand, but the process slows your movement speed down, otherwise the minigun is mostly useless for close combat fights (which is most of the ship).

K, I'm running latest drivers, using performance controls in the control panel, PhysX is enabled, and am using Gamebooster 3 to improve RAM and CPU performance and still having issues. Your V0.32 didn't cause as many headaches, and didn't have as many issues with the particle effects in that version.

Whelp, can't fix the framerate issues for now, so I'll stop mentioning them, and deal with it later. I'll go back to discussing bugs I find!

Other Bugs:

-> The "zoom" for the scopes is different for each scope. The zoom on the Plasma SMG is really close (ie like x20 magnification) and the Plasma Rifle is like medium distance (x2 - x4 magnification). I'd think that the plasma SMG's shouldn't be so close, as it makes it really hard to aim with the scope, so you are stuck firing at the hip, but since its already very inaccurate, you end up missing with most of your shots.

-> Some doorways you can get through easily and without a hassle, others, you get stuck on the doorframe and have to jump back and forth until you can get through. This is especially problematic for the staircase airlocks, and storage room doorframes (ie like the one in Medical)

-> Sometimes you will trip on a flat surface with no other objects on it. This is especially noticeable on Deck 1 one those two LONG side hallways (One has a large medkit in it for reference). If you hug the wall you can run the length of the hallway without a problem. However, if you run down the center of the hallway you will trip on something, even though the ground is flat, and there is no bodies there.

-> Sometimes when you approach the door in Maintenance it gets stuck (by stuck I mean it opens partially, then closes and won't open again). This is especially problematic when you hit decompress, and the bloody door won't open. If you move a fair distance away and approach it again, and stay perfectly still the door will open all the way. If you move slightly, it will get stuck again. Would it be possible to have it so that the doors in maintenance either open and STAY open, OR when they play the open door sequence, they play the full sequence BEFORE closing again, or have the proximity to open up the door when you get close to be better.

Jun 20 2013 Anchor

The mini gun is meant to have a cool down and warm up. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game but has a few draw backs. This will also cause you Frame-rate problems because this also uses physx particles but even more. The weapon takes some getting used to and its main advantage is its power and it huge magazine capacity so you don't reload very often. As with weapons of this type today its better for medium to long range. It is great in certain sections of the ship and in certain situations, and of course the planet and other planet based missions in the simulator. As with all the weapons in this game, you have to be tactical and use the right weapon for the right job if you want to survive!

The zoom on each weapon is different as is each weapon. The smg is a close range weapon hence the close sight where as the rifles are medium range hence the longer sight. Accuracy varies with with all weapons, this is intentional, and as real weapons the more you use them, the better you are with that weapon!

The scope is meant to be very useful in its design for the cdf military forces in action. On the ship it useful on the really dark areas of the game, and I am going to put one of these in the new alpha to give you a better feel for the II sights. They are also good on planet environments which there are a few of in the simulator mode and the Icarus Colony.

There are still tweaks to be made, but keeping it realistic they are not 100% accurate like most game weapons seem to be. I am ex-military myself and know a lot about small arms, and how accurate they really are in practice. I am adopting much of that in Ghostship with both the accuracy side of the weapon (with no Cross hair) and the reloading side of the weapon. It takes time to reload, and it is manual reload. When you reload you waste any rounds still left in your discarded clip. So tactics and perpetration as in real life play a huge part in your survival.

When you get weapons with laser sights you appreciate them, but then if you’re in a dark place that’s when the scope comes in useful too as well as tactical lights of course.

There are a few collision issues that are being sorted :) Also the door in maintenance, I will sort that, it just needs a bigger trigger and longer delay before closing :)

A lot of these bugs such as zombies, better physics for AI creatures and such have already been fixed, the next alpha release Min-July will have all these problems resolved and a bit more content in including a look at the simulation mode.

Edited by: MAGStudios

Jun 20 2013 Anchor

Well for the plasma SMG the sight is very hard to use, thats why I'm having gripes with it. In some ways it might be better with no scope on it, so that you can stare down the iron sights of the weapon (dunno of any SMGs that have high-powered sniper scopes on them, thats why Im griping about the zoom as the zoom is so close, that when you try to zoom in on a monster it zooms in on something away from the monster... try it when fighting the little puppy sized biters... not an easy task of aiming at them; PhysX issues aside of course). Alternatively, could you provide no "zoom" in for the plasma SMG? That way we can have best of both worlds... seeing in the dark but also being able to hit close-range targets. By no "zoom" in I mean that the magnification is not any larger than what you can currently see unscoped.

Fair enough on Minigun. Makes sense.

Actually most game weapons are not "perfectly" accurate. If you ever have a chance to mod a game, you will notice that there is a slight 1 or 2 degree angle difference on shots (more so with shotguns). This is to make up for the fact that the scope is "above" the barrel, so the bullet won't ever hit exactly where you are seeing... slightly below, maybe right/left due to gravity or wind resistance, etc...

Could you swap the Tac Light on the Plasma MK3 Rifle to the Standard Lazer Rifle? The MK3 already has a night-vision scope on it, and for a good part of the early game, you will be using the Standard Lazer Rifle, at least until you find lots of ammo for the MK4 Plasma Rifle, Minigun or the Advanced Lazer Rifle (Red One). Alternatively, put a Tac Light on the Advanced Lazer Rifle. Just doesn't make sense that if each weapon serves a purpose, then shouldn't the Plasma MK3 be either Scope OR Tac Light? As the MK4 is Scope Only (laser sight too?)

Other Bugs:
Door to the ventilation shaft on Deck 3 is still shut after the lockdown is released (remembered it wasn't in V0.32, and checked this time... still locked)

As for realism... How does a laser made entirely of charged weightless photons cause kickback/recoil when fired? I can understand with plasma as its superheated ionized particles, but photons have no mass and travel at the speed of light. :)

EDIT: Odd Bug, not explained yet.

When you vent Maintenance, why can you visit it again after the lockdown is released, but there is now an atmosphere on the deck, but nowhere do you set it so that it now has an atmosphere, so the deck should still be vented after the lockdown is released. Not that there is any reason currently to go back, but if you can re-atmosphere it from elsewhere WITHOUT manually doing it, it begs the question why we HAVE to go to maintenace in the first place to vent the deck. Couldn't we simply go to a RAT and vent Maintenance from there remotely? (ya I know get swarmed by biters in process :) )


Or alternatively, have it so that the ship automatically vents a deck if a fire gets too far out of control. Ya ya I know, this would mean that if a crew member was there, it would vent them too, but you'd think that the ship would auto-vent with a 1 minute warning giving the crew a chance to get to the airlock. Unless of course EVERYTHING on the ship has to be done manually, but then that would beg the question why the deck replaces the atmosphere after the deck is vented, rather than have someone MANUALLY set it to have an atmosphere, proly via a RAT.

This could potentially, make the ship more "open world" in the beginning and less restrictive. Either go to maintenance and vent the deck or risk the main access corridor (MAC) to reach the RAT and vent the deck + disengage the lockdown of decks.

Jun 20 2013 Anchor

Yeah a lot of games are not 100% accurate, but most games give you a dot or aiming cross-hair. This is what i mean why i say accuracy is acquired with experience with the weapon, and like all real weapons, sights etc are corrected for an individual user, and every weapon fires different.

The maintenance section will still be de-pressurized in the beta and full game. In the full game you have to get a zero-g suit before re-entering the deck. Same with some other sections of the ship.

The main purpose of the RATs are basic ship controls which are normally controlled from the bridge. Keeping the decompression and re-compression deck 7 better suits the game, and with some other rooms. Controlling everything from the RATs would spoil a lot of the extra exploration and fun.

Thanks for the feedback once again. Feedback is important as viable and doable part of feedback can be implemented as you will see in the next alpha release :)

*** Thought i posted this hours ago, sorry for the delay :)

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

If the RAT is used for basic ship controls which are normally controlled via the bridge, does this mean that in the beta/full-build, we won't HAVE to return to the MAC again? In other words, if you can control things from the bridge, does this mean you could unlock the Storeroom B, Lift the Quarantine and Pressurize Hanger 1, ALL from the bridge in the beta/full game?

Questions from notes here:

1) If a deck is unpressurized (ie no oxygen on the deck), does that mean that there will be no hostile aliens ALIVE on the deck? Or they don't breathe and need oxygen?

2) Will a Zero-G suit be available in the alpha, or possibly the beta release so that we can see how it works and functions?

3) Will the Zero-G suit have unlimited oxygen, or will you be on a time limit for air supply?

4) If aliens are available on a deck when you are using a zero-g suit, what happens when you take damage with it on? Can the suit itself depressurize and kill you instantly?

5) If only basic controls can be done via a RAT, then how can a RAT remove the lockdown on the decks? Reason I ask is, if Thomas can lift the lockdown as he pleases, what would have stopped some other survivor or maniac from disabling the lockdown themselves? Or if someone had triggered the lockdown on the bridge, wouldn't that mean that whoever triggered it on the bridge would be stuck on the bridge, as the doors to the stairs wouldn't open?

New bugs:

-> Re-entering the MAC I've found it to be nearly entirely empty. I found total 2 biters in the whole place. Where the heck did that massive army of them come from and go to?

-> If you remove the lockdown on Storeroom B, the stalkers do not get out. Strange.

-> I checked back at the ventiliation shaft and it is NOW open. Finicky it is I guess.

-> After removing the lockdown on Deck 1, Deck 3 is a lot quieter now and I only get attacked by 3-4 biters. Whereas, before I removed the lockdown I was getting attacked by the Littler Biters, and bucketloads of biters.

-> Plasma Rifle MK4 also causes issues for me framerate wise. Wierdly enough firing the minigun does not cause me any issues with framerates. Wierd. Just plain wierd.

-> After removing the lockdown and leaving Deck 1, returning to Deck 1 results in it now being fully populated.

-> The door leading to communications on deck 1 will not close shut when you move away from it.

-> When you come to Deck 1 the first time, the zombies do not have walking animations. When you return to Deck 1 after leaving it, they now have walking animations.

-> The area past the door leading to communications on deck 1 has nothing in it, except about 7 zombies. No weapons, ammo, etc...

-> Sometimes a zombie will clip through the floor and will be harmless to you, and will not unclip.

-> In storeroom A, the first door will not open fully (probably intentional). However, when you are inside the room that is accessed by one of two doors, the 1st door cannot be partially openned from the inside, however, the biters can partially open it from the other side. Apparently doors open for biters.

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Zero G Suit

The zero G suit will have to be found, then charged with o2, charge lasts hours, so probably don't need to charge it again. But you can if you need to.
Player movements will be very slow in zero G, and you have magnetic boots. You can walk on ceilings etc only the floor and you cant jump (magnetic boots) or sprint.
All plasma weapons will not be able to be fired in zero-g, only laser weapons can be used.
The damage of the suit is the same.
Aliens don't breathe, they are just as deadly in zero-g except a little slower.

More About Suits

Suits are a big part in the game and are not in the alpha, they will be in the beta. Each role of the CDF have a different colour Bio-suit. Here are the roles:

Blue Suit Pilot - Permanent health recharge

Black Suit Marine - Permanent recharging shield

Red Suit Engineer - Permanent Helmet Light and repair ability

Grey Suit Crewman - Standard suit with no special benefits

Orange Suit - Zero G Suit - Survive In Zero-G

White Suit Medic - Immune to environment hazards, poison, fire etc. & Heal other Crew members when in range and carrying Med Supplies

Green Prototype Suit - Health and permanent shield, recharges over time

? Suit - Surprise suit - Wait for full game

Suits are biological and are made and bonded to the wearer, to change suits you have to find out how in the game, its not easy but rewarding, and starting as the different characters will give you the advantage of the suit they wear.

yes the functions from RTA are same as the bridge, it you read the MAC before taking the lockdown off on the bridge it explains that you are the highest ranking officer onboard so you have access to turn off the lockdown in a rat and then can take lockdown off the bridge.

Aliens have problems spawning in this version as explained before (all fixed now)

The Zombies have 2 different walk animations, they play them randomly, but 1 of the animations was not working properly. (all fixed now)

Comms door opens, and stays open to let the zombies out. In the full game Comms will be available.

Jun 21 2013 Anchor


-> If suits are going to be such a huge part of the game why hasn't it been mentioned until now? Wouldn't backers want to know about it? Unless of course its on IndieGoGo and didn't notice it yet.

-> Can you wear multiple of them to have abilities stack or is it exclusive to one suit active at any one time?

-> If its exclusive to 1 suit, what happens to the other suit when you switch it. ie. You are thomas in his pilot suit and you find a zero g suit. What would happen to his pilot suit?

-> Will you be able to find out how to switch / wear multiple suits in the beta?

-> Why wouldn't a plasma weapon be able to be fired in Zero-G? Unless of course, for your weapons they require oxygen or an atmosphere to build up the plasma bolt?

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Only 1 suit at a time, there is lots more to go in the game, but its simply too much to tell you about. There is lots more in the beta, the alpha is just the run on small part of the game.

You equip suits at any time. there is 1 20 min cool down. lots involved in order to get other suits because of bonding and such, saving all that for the game don't want to spoil too many surprises.

plasma weapons don't fire in zero-g as they are ballistic rounds and ineffective, lazer tech is light. and for game-play reasons.

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Plasma Weapons are ballistic? What; A ballistic weapon is a weapon that uses a solid projectile (ie railguns, tank rounds, bullets) to deliver all the force (a missile is partially ballistic, partially explosive)? Plasma is ionized gas, the 4th form the matter can come in: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma. A bullet is a solid material with gunpowder inside each casing which when hit with a spark creates a minature explosion pushing the bullet down a metal tube. But plasma is different than a solid projectile. Its more like a flame from a flamethrower really. I'd say that to allow plasma weapons to fire in zero-g, but make it so that they are less accurate in Zero-G. Your game true, but I'd say give a reason for not firing it... maybe because in zero G is a vacuum, and as such an excellent insulator so everytime you fire a plasma bolt it cooks you too!

For the cooldown its unclear which of these it is: 1:20 Min CD? 120 Min CD? or 120 second CD?

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Yes sorry, 20 min cool-down. And the plasma rounds are plasma tipped as I said before. Look at the mag, and you can even see the rounds with the glowing metal tip. In space they would fire with a lot more pressure, I might let you use them in zeroG, you will have to wait and see. This is the alpha bug report thread, please keep your questions related to the alpha, that's all the info I am giving away on the Beta, and the full game. I like surprises, and so will you :) :)

Edited by: MAGStudios

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Ok ok, no more metagaming :) I'll keep future reports to V0.33, sorries!

New Bugs:

-> The door to Storeroom B remains open, when you open it (has to be unlocked via Rat). The door to Storeroom A opens and shuts normally.

-> Storeroom B is COMPLETELY empty of aliens. When door is in lockdown, the aliens can escape. However, when the lockdown is removed on Storeroom B, the monsters are gone. It does have a Large Medkit and an Armor in it though. Considering I did the room in V0.32 and know what SHOULD be in there, I'm surprised that for all the trouble of clearing out the room, is you get an armor and large medkit. Would it be possible to add some rare ammo in there as well? Maybe some MK4 rounds or Minigun rounds? Cause it is a lot of enemies (or should be)

-> The door to Hangar 2 Airlock remains open and doesn't shut when you walk away.

-> The door to MAC Airlock remains open and doesn't shut when you walk away.

-> When monsters die (and stay dead) they have an annoying ragdoll effect that makes it appear if they actually are still alive, while they clip through floors, walls or ceilings.

-> If you fall into that area around Tactical on Deck 1, you can't get out of there.

-> Storeroom A also only contains a Large Medkit and Armor. (Not really a bug, but worth mentioning when you consider the effort to clear out Storeroom B)

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Some Doors are meant to be open eg Hangar 2 Storeroom B.

Storeroom B aliens - Problems with spawning - solved now (as already stated) This is the case for many places around the new alpha, watch out the next fixed alpha! There are misc AI problems as stated.

Tactical is now sorted! You can escape if you fall down there, or try lol!

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Ok cool... not that having no enemies is a bad thing... adds to the tension of wondering where the heck they went, but ya.

Also, it appears that the problems with PhysX Plasma Weapons is dependent on what part of the ship you are on. When I did the "At the end of the Hallway" Challenge, neither the Plasma SMG or the Plasma MK3 caused any freezing whatsoever, even when firing them full auto.

This makes me think that the issue isn't simply the PhysX, but the optimizing of the environments themselves. I'll look into which areas cause the greatest framerate issues and report them, and you can see what may be causing them if you like.

In all likeliness, the areas with the greatest concentration of lighting and shadow effects, are probably what the problems are, which probably could be tweaked in the full game. Unless...

Is there a way for you to upload a file setting lighting and shading effects to "Low" and upload that file for me to test with my game and see if that solves the PhysX problems?

Jun 22 2013 Anchor

Number of optimizations really, as I said a while back, one thing which doubles the resources needed and slows frame-rate is the sights on the plasma weapon. That combined with the physx causes a few frame rate probs.

In the beta there will be much more custom optimizations, which you will find useful :)

Jun 22 2013 Anchor

Why do you think the sights causes framerate issues?

Jun 23 2013 Anchor

Palanduss wrote: Why do you think the sights causes framerate issues?

Like i said a long while back, the sight is a cam which renders the whole screen again, so basically there are 2 real-time renders of your screen which causes slow down. Check the older feedback thread for full info on this.

Jun 23 2013 Anchor

Do you think there is a way to make it so that the scope only renders the screen when you zoom in with the scope? Its really cool to see the thing rendered and all, but its going to potentially kill Low-Med end computers (by 2013's standards anyway) with horrible framerates... and being able to hit monsters before they get too close is heavily dependent on framerates.

Jun 23 2013 Anchor

There is no way around it like i explained in the old alpha thread, It renders the whole screen again with all the enemies, effects etc at the same time. No other way to get the same effect, most games just zoom into the scope and take you to just 1 screen which is the gun cam screen. To get this without losing the first person is not possible unless you use another camera to record what the gun sees. I want to keep this in for Oculus Rift.

When the game comes out in 2014 a lot more people by then would have upgraded their rigs. There are not that many problems with frame rates reported, but not many people use laptops for games, as they are not suited for that purpose. As well as all this like i said it has yet to be fully optimized before release and the graphics customization will combat most of that.

Jun 23 2013 Anchor

I see. So the recommended settings are inaccurate then?

Maybe no one else is reporting framerate issues because they are using machines that overexceed by a lot for the recommended settings. Can a computer with JUST the recommended settings run your game without framerate loss?

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