Command & Conquer (a.k.a. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn or simply C&C/C&C1; the game is also often unofficially called Command & Conquer 64 for the Nintendo 64 port) is a 1995 real-time strategy video game produced by Westwood Studios for MS-DOS and released internationally by Virgin Interactive. It was the first of twelve games to date to be released under the title Command & Conquer; six subsequent titles having since continued the story set as sequels with one acting as a prequel, along with the production of several spin-off games. Met with universal acclaim by consumers and critics, Command & Conquer was released for seven separate platforms along with becoming the initiator of the Command & Conquer franchise, and today generally is considered as the title which originally defined and popularized the modern real-time strategy genre.

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Great Game.

very good

Classic and enjoyable, a work of art

Nygeruds!!! You the man!!! My girlfriend, who is also starting to be a gamer herself, loves the work you did. I gave it a 10 out of 10 because C & C is a legacy game and therefore it was awesome all around. I don't know how Nygeruds could find all the add-on packs, but the guy did it. I technically should give it a 9.5 because of the main graphics bug that is in there. Nygeruds, if you make a release 4 of this patch, that bug should be fixed, but other than that, I dig your work.

One of the very first games I ever owned on PC & PS; became absolutely addicted to the gameplay, storyline & now the modding universe for C&C3. It is and always will be 'THE MUST' for any LAN parties with Red Alert 2.

This game is the best rts ever everyone should get it. 10 out of 10. ^_^

Brilliant Game! Still great to come back to after 15+ years

great game


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