Bringing a new and visually stunning 3D engine to the RTS genre is C&C: Generals. Play as the USA, China or the GLA with a large selection of tanks troops and air units, as well as unique general abilities to help you turn the tide of war. C&C: Generals puts your trigger finger on the pulse of modern warfare. Prepare your forces, General!
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50 EA games soon to lose support for multiplayer online.

EA have not found any alternative to the dying Gamespy service and a large number of games thus lose multiplayer support.
Gamespy has long been a household name for gamers, as numerous games, both PC and console, had multiplayer modes built on servers.
2014 marks the notoriously late for Gamespy, which also means that hundreds of games are in danger of losing support for gaming on-line.

Many developers and publishers, including Activision, Rockstar and SEGA has announced that they are working to find alternative solutions for games that use the Gamespy servers. Similar messages came from EA, which over the years have used Gamespy for many titles, but now the company has announced that they choose to flappers support in their Gamespy games.

Technical challenges and not least the fact that most of the games that use Gamespy start pulling on the oars, located behind EA's decision to allow multiplayer support across 50 titles die out. A variety of titles, such as F1 2002, EA Sports 06 to PC or Fifa Soccer 08-10 for the Nintendo DS, has hardly many active players, but the list also contains relatively popular games like Battlefield 2, Crysis 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

PC games constitute a large part of the list, but Nintendo consoles are also strongly represented. Nintendo has not gone back on its decision to allow the many DS and Wii titles that use Gamespy lose multiplayer functionality, and EA games are no exception.

Popular titles loosing online multiplayer 30th of June 2014.

Battlefield 2C&C Generals: Zero HourC&C3: Tiberium Wars
C&C: Red Alert 3C&C: GeneralsBattlefield 1942
CrysisCrysis 2Battlefield 2142
Crysis WarsLogoLogo
LogoLogoBattlefield Vietnam

Theres a light in this darkness!

As a way to work around this closure, you can use programs like hamatchi to create virtual lans gloabaly, however these free programs are designed with gamers in mind.

GameRanger is a free download for Mac and PC that lets you play over 600 games and demos online with friends and opponents worldwide.

GameRanger offers features like profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings.

Tunngle is a revolutionary p2p VPN tool that delivers the best online entertainment experience.
Tunngle is designed to allow PC gamers to comfortably play their LAN Games over the Internet.

It doesn't matter if your game is old, epic or brand new. You don't have to worry if your friends are miles away! Tunngle makes use of the games LAN mode to connect the players together.

Overall it's a shame to see so many great titles loose official multilayer support, but with strong modding communities behind these titles, their legacy will reign on for years to come.

3 new concept

3 new concept

6 years ago Command and Conquer Stargate SG1 6 comments

3 new concept for stargate sg1 the search center Goa'uld ,the superweapon Dakhara and the super soldier Kull

A good new and a bad news ^^

A good new and a bad news ^^

6 years ago Command and Conquer Stargate SG1 2 comments

i Have find the bug with the faction Goauld ,that is the good news ,now the bad news are

Generals2 in development?

Generals2 in development?

6 years ago News 29 comments

Sequel to Command & Conquer Generals in development?

The British get some love!

The British get some love!

8 years ago Blitzkrieg II 5 comments

Finally, after a long delay, Release 2.7 is on it's way. We will gradually show more goodies, but for now, we will stick with the flying stuff. Release...

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Second Wave v2.51

Second Wave v2.51

1 month ago Second Wave Full Version 3 comments

I was bored, so I thought I'd help this mod a bit by adding a download for it. Description: The mod brings 25 new units, an entire new side the UK, hovercraft...

Manual Installation

Manual Installation

1 month ago WarZone 2 Full Version 0 comments

So the installer sucked. Now you can do it manually! Enjoy : )



4 months ago RealismMod for original generals Full Version 0 comments

Version for review. To save traffic pared down sounds, textures and models have been removed. Showed gameplay.

General Enhanced version 0.2 Beta

General Enhanced version 0.2 Beta

8 months ago General Enhanced Full Version 10 comments

For the changelog read the *readme* file inside the archive or the *summary* on the main page of the mod. Enjoy the game, bye bye ^_^

C&C The Ultimate Collection FIXED LAUNCHERS

C&C The Ultimate Collection FIXED LAUNCHERS

1 year ago Patch 33 comments

DESCRIPTION: This is a bunch of fixed launchers for Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection. REQUIREMENTS: - Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection...

CnC Material Wars Version Beta 2014

CnC Material Wars Version Beta 2014

1 year ago Material Wars Full Version 1 comment

CnC Material Wars Version Beta 2014 Beta Version 2014

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darkmessenger Jun 30 2010 says:

I don't understand why all of the best mods are created to ZH which has epic fail coding... The game is aggravatingly unplayable on bigger maps (and filled with obstacles) with many players, while the basic Generals runs smoothly and flawlessly in the same situation. Or do you guys know something secret solution for this???

+5 votes     reply to comment
リーフ Jul 4 2011 replied:

Very much agree with that. Zero Hour, despite being a bigger game, is bloated with unfinished and redundant coding. What's worst, it gives me random crashes where the original never did.

Most people mod for it because they think Zero Hour has more potential, which I think is odd since most mods could easily be done on Generals. Surely it's better to start with a stable game and build upon that, as opposed to spending a large amount of time going through all the unfinished junk..

+4 votes     reply to comment
king_ghidorah93 Mar 24 2011 replied:

EA kinda rushed in developing Generals. It, in truth, is only showcasing around 40% of its potential. This game could have been EPIC.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Flippons Jun 24 2010 says:

What happened to most of the mods? They seem to have disappeared (or was Moddb just cleaning up the "dead" ones?).

+2 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Jun 14 2011 replied:

Do you have "Home" or "PC" platform selected at the top of the page? If you have something different, some mods could have "disappeared" (made invisible) for you.

+1 vote   reply to comment
mgs2 Mar 31 2009 says:

how do u install terminator mod

+2 votes     reply to comment
iambryan1234 Mar 31 2008 buried:


There is no way that this is a true C&C. Firstly, the building interface. It's copied from other popular RTS games like Starcraft and such. Yes they were good things to remember and instead of getting the sidebars you get in the previous C&Cs, you have to take your eyes off the action and click on the building. Secondly, the cutscenes are CGI animated instead of using RWMP(Real-World Motion Pictures). And thirdly, **** is ****** up with the promotion thing. Why bother to do all that rubbish upgrading? By the time you get to the last upgrades, game's over man.

-22 votes     reply to comment
BeelzebossErik Mar 9 2009 replied:

Actually this game requires a ton more skill than RA3 for example while beeing far less spammy than Star craft. Only thing i dont like is the lack of overview due to low zoom level. And btw: Dozers >>> MCV build system. And wth imagine someone using a MOAB after 2 minutes of gaming luls

+7 votes     reply to comment
Robots! Jan 3 2009 buried:


ive always hated cnc's ****** reality cutscenes. i need a break from that ****, they always have bad acting.

-15 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Nov 23 2009 replied:

Well, played some 200 RA3 battles online (but only 2vs2), and I can say that "this game requires a ton more skill than RA3" is a little exaggeration. O.o

Also, sometimes one needed to play 1vs2... that was crazy. ^^ Also 2vs 1 skilled player was extremely challenging. So.

Generals and RA3, each of them requires a good deal of skill, but they are a lot different...

As for cutscenes. They're cute (especially short unit/animated ones), unfortunately, Generals doesn't have any of them, so it isn't an improvement.

You'd like to have no upgrades?! You're kidding. Proper upgrades were something what older C&C lacked. = (

+4 votes   reply to comment
Ixnari Feb 26 2008 buried:


It's a decent game, but it most definitely does NOT deserve the words "Command & Conquer" in the title. I'll explain.
The heart of every C&C game is its interface. Unlike other real-time strategy games, it allows you to build units even when no building is selected. For example, you are assaulting an enemy base and are suddenly struck by the thought that the enemy might launch a counterattack. Instead of going all the way back to the base and queuing units, you simply do so in the sidebar, without taking your eye away from the action. This, however, is not the case with Generals.
The game plays much more like Warcraft than C&C. The interface is a dead giveaway. Instead of a sidebar, you get the traditional command menu at the bottom of the screen. As a result, units are built by clicking buildings and selecting them from a list.
So in conclusion, I'd only like to point out again that this is in no way a Command & Conquer game. The Command & Conquer in the title is simply EA's move to cash in on the name, since Westwood Studios was then already disbanded (Yuri's Revenge was their final game).

-7 votes     reply to comment
amiga1 Jul 26 2010 replied:

hey man , i totally disagree with your statement about generals not being a C&C game.
All you do is select a building hold down ctrl and number it with a command key like 1 for eg.
then if you are miles away from your base, and you suddenly want to order 9 tanks you can do it.
just push 1 and order those tanks with out leaving the combat you are involved with.
double pressing 1 will speed you back to your base.
The system generals uses allows you to build massive exciting base,s very very quickly during epic 2 player games.
10 dozers can quickly have you pumping out troops and tanks from mulitple factorys towards your enemy like army ants.
Its a better system a faster and greater system with more potential for epic awsomeness :)

+5 votes     reply to comment
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