WW2 Infantry combat simulation for PSP. Choose your side and weapons and Lock 'n Load!

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RSS feed Video for the latest Update (aka Fags with Frags)

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The video was supposed to be part of the latest update, so here is it finally..

New stuff added:
- Client drawn only Muzzleflashes and First person Legs
- Cycle anims for the Weapons (Engineside)
- Throwable Frags (Stielhandgranaten)
- Small cosmetics on the HUD (each weapon shows now the name
and a fitting icon for the used Ammo)
- Enemys will now loose more Blood and some Gibs when killed
by Grenades and the Trenchgun
- Enemys are now stronger and more "aggressive"
- M42 Flaregun (not in the video, seperate video coming soon
with the new Animations)


Alot of stuff xD