The war that changed the world rages on, with 13 all-new single-player missions, 11 new multiplayer maps, and more intense action than ever before. Award-winning developer Gray Matter Interactive Studios follows up on the success of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty - winner of over 80 Game of the year and 50 Editors' Choice Awards worldwide - with Call of Duty: United Offensive. This next chapter in the Call of Duty franchise raises the brand's trademark cinematic intensity to new heights with over 13 new single-player levels, plus an enhanced multiplayer experience featuring new maps and 3 new modes of play. Players will look once again through the eyes of American, British and Russian soldiers, as they are thrust alongside their squad mates into more authentic action across Fortress Europe’s most historic battlefields - this time with new weather and pyrotechnic effects, character abilities such as sprinting and cooking-off grenades, and weapons including flamethrowers and...

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7 Myloman

Aug 20th, 2009

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10 darthmop1

Aug 17th, 2009

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ShadowPhantom says
10 ShadowPhantom

Jun 7th, 2009

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10 BigBangBunny

Mar 18th, 2009

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10 xm

Feb 20th, 2009

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10 Deaths_Head

Feb 18th, 2009

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10 Mukridzsin

Jan 13th, 2009

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10 Fallschirmjäger.

Sep 15th, 2008

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8 Cool5hield

Sep 6th, 2008

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10 Bananasdoom

Sep 4th, 2008

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