Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 picks up where Modern Warfare 2 left off with the invasion of Manhattan by Russian forces. You will blaze through 20 action-packed missions located in England, Russia, America, Germany, and France, playing as a Russian Federal Protective Services agent, an SAS Operative and a tank gunner. The Spec-Ops missions from MW2 will make a return, split into "Mission" and "Survival" modes. Also, Call of Duty: MW3 will have the amazing CoD-style multiplayer that you have come to known.

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Nov 28th, 2011 10 people agree 1 person doesn't

This is basically a stand alone DLC for $60. Lets look at a DLC for Fallout 3. It adds new weapons, a new map/location, and continues/ makes a new story. That is exactly what Modern Warfare 3 does, it adds new maps, new guns and equipment, and continues the story, except Infinty Ward decided to call it a brand new "game". I give it a 2 cause I like the story.

Battle8111 says
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Aug 22nd, 2013 2 people agree 0 people don't

Call of Duty: MW 3 was just another, "copy and paste" ,as I like to call it, CoD game that had that potential to change FPS forever, but squandered it with repetitive multiplayer with "more guns and kill-streaks" and a almost-there campaign that almost drew me in, but spit me out as it never lived up to MW2 or the original MW.

Activison. Change your game plan and make something unique and different this time. We will be waiting for you at the games of GameStop to buy it and love it. But please, stop making the same damn game. As some of us are not all here to just play video games, but here to have a unique experience every-time I play a game. Not another generic FPS as it has become now.

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Dec 27th, 2014

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Mar 23rd, 2014

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Nov 15th, 2013

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Oct 19th, 2013

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Jun 19th, 2012

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