Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 picks up where Modern Warfare 2 left off with the invasion of Manhattan by Russian forces. You will blaze through 20 action-packed missions located in England, Russia, America, Germany, and France, playing as a Russian Federal Protective Services agent, an SAS Operative and a tank gunner. The Spec-Ops missions from MW2 will make a return, split into "Mission" and "Survival" modes. Also, Call of Duty: MW3 will have the amazing CoD-style multiplayer that you have come to known.

More info about this game is TBA.

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Back in 2009 a little game called Modern Warfare 2 disappointed pc gamers by removing everything that makes the PC version of the game superior to any of its console brethren. I am talking about dedicated servers. The act disabled any sort of real modding to the game along with the ability to make custom maps, build communities and not be forced into waiting for the develoepr to patch the multiplayer with extra content.

Good news everyone, Modern Warfare 3 will have dedicated server support for PC players! This was revealed today at Gamescom by the associate manager for Call of Duty Digital, Jay Frechette, and reaffirmed by Sledgehammer boss Glen Schofield on Twitter.

It is good to see developers learning from their mistakes, the mapping community will not be silent if you cross them! *fist pumps and so on*


preGSC (1.06)

preGSC (1.06)

Full Version 9 comments

It is a GSC script preprocessor for modders, for every Call of Duty which are using GSCs. A full description can be found here:

Call of Duty (universal) WeaponFile Editor

Call of Duty (universal) WeaponFile Editor

Modelling Tool 23 comments

Call of Duty WeaponFile Editor by me (Shuffle) Professional tool for real modders! The most advanced WeaponFile Editor for all cod versions. Please comment...

Color Editor/Preview for CoD Scripts

Color Editor/Preview for CoD Scripts

Graphics Tool 4 comments

Color Edit/Preview for CoD scripts and menus. Can be used with ANY CoD versions! Made by Shuffle

MW3 Screensaver+Wallpaper Windows XP/Vista/7 (ZIP)

MW3 Screensaver+Wallpaper Windows XP/Vista/7 (ZIP)

Wallpapers 1 comment

An awesome Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screensaver and wallpaper for Windows XP, Vista + 7, featuring cinematic screenshots from the Singleplayer campaign...

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WoW.....just wow, i mean everyone here are Skyrim/BF3 **** putting down MW3

Don't forget that half of IW was fired, not to mention the big fight between Activision and IW. In the end they got Sledgehammer games to make it with IW to make sure that they got the right storyline

So just be glad that you got something in the end, and no it isn't the old COD's.....theres new things in here:

1. New Weapons
2. Better AC130 gameplay
3. New Perks
4. Redefined killstreaks
5. Added dedicated servers
6. Survival
7. Level up system in spec ops

Theres a couple right there

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what did you exspect? dragons and vehicles?

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This game will be outdated unless we have mods supported (to improve the game) other than the return of dedicated servers.

Where's the update to this game for this Moddb page? Are there going to be any mods?

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A story that the team actually put some amounts into. A story that is not insanely retarded if you took a high school world history class.

The gameplay has NEVER changed, AT all.

The story is not surprising, "oh wow Russian invasion, amazing."

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Basicaly aafter playing both BF3 and MW3 ...
My impressions about MW3 were
It's not repeditive there is always something interesting happenning and the sotryline is very nicely put. Although I've also come across some crashing.
BF3 on the other hand has the graphics, WHICH are much less than what was expected, turns out most of it was a big hype ,i call it atleast 35% improvement from Bad Company 2.
Gameplay is, well, not very different from Bad Comapny.
Exposive effects seem to be very impressive. Storyline is good, but THAT'S where Call Of Duty wins here...
Sorry but this is just true...the storyline IS better in Call of Duty.

But basicaly, it's a matter of what you preffer, not about which is better.
No such thing exists here...MW3 offers a very fast paced shooting spree...which is meant to be fun, not realistic.
BF3 offers an intense gameplay where anything can fall apart or explode right in fornt of you...
BF3 is meant to fool you that it's realistic, but belive me, it's not
You don't tear half a building with an AT4 .......
I haven't been to baghdad...but I'm pretty sure the streets and roads don't reflect sunlight like polished glass...
I have plenty of more examples....but I'll spare your time rading t.

Overall...BF3 is meant to be awesome.
MW3 is meant to be fun.
It just depends on which you preffer.

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- Some how Russians take over DC, some how the US military royally ***** up enough that they take over almost all of the east coast (and Virginia?)

- Price launches an EMP at the US because apparently the US military needs some more motivation to get off its ***.

- Some how all the US military's equipment loses its EMP proof capability and everyone dies.

- You fight through to the white house which is being held by Russians, there are tons of soldiers there already who you ditch while you charge into the white house. Apparently the chair force is going to nuke DC cause they were so screwed already and just went "**** it" you run to the roof and set off flares.

- General General is a **** and insane, you hunt him down. For some reason he is protected by PMC's and not by the military he leads. Some shooting later you kill him. Oh and your other character died and you invade a prison to find Price for reasons to find Price for reasons to find Price.

- End game. Begin MW3.

- After their failed attack on DC, they decide to go to the next cookie cutter city and some how find the man power to invade New York afterwards.

- US military is still sitting on its ***, Russians get into NY and **** bitches.

- Russian president is going for peace talks. Kidnapped. Apparently Russian government is retarded enough to not know why the president is traveling and thus continues invasion plan of everywhere else.

- Russians leave NY, invade everywhere else. Game implies that there is a Russian mook cloning machine somewhere.

Must I continue? And do not even get me started on Blops or WAW.

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Where the f*ck did you see me saying MW3 is realistic?!
MW3 is ridiculously unrealistic, that's true.....but it's a good story nonetheless.
I like it because, even though nothing realistic happens.
There is actually stuff going on in it.

I dunno what your idea of fun exactly is, because,
how things proceed in real life is plain not interesting.
It's a fun game, meant to be played.
If you don't like it, at least show some decency and just don't play it....instead of wasting everybody's time trying to make it seem like some Satanic mistake...
Oh's a hobby now huh...
Haven't you got anything better to do?

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You said the story was good. For a story to be good it has to look like something other than some retarded monkey pulling plot elements out of his ***.

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So what IS your idea of a good story exactly?
Because it's very easy to just say it's always easier to look at things at an ugly angle....because everything has one....
CoD revolves around making sure the gameplay changes and does not repeat it self throughout the entire game...
They made sure things don't procceed as you would expect them to...
It's full of moments that suprise the player

Don't just pull the hater speech on me....
Tell me what exactly is a good story for you?

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MW3 is fail...
Some IW guys went from and made "Respawn Entertaiment" and silly BO developers were working on MW3 - first fail. Activison is greedy about "money to project", so, Hans Zimmer was not invited to make MW3 OST (double fail).

To me, MW and MW2 are equal in "awesomeness", but MW3 is like "Black Ops our days" o_O

But MW3 has interesting co-op, but Half-Life Sven Co-op is better XD

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I wouldn't play this game if I got paid.

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Nothing special it's just good old CoD.

Nov 11 2011 by FoxFort

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If you have played Battefield 3 you will think what call of duty modern warfare and call of duty black ops are shit. The graphics are outdated because BF3 looks on low graphics better. The biggest shit is that multiplayer because MP are nearly only selfish guys that play for their own profit. Teamwork does not exist. The game is just a re-recycled MW.

Nov 9 2011 by Chubrokoli

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