Modern Warfare 2 takes players to the snow-capped peaks of Russian mountains, across the deserts of Afghanistan and into the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and introduces a new co-operative Special Forces mode to back up the single-player campaign.

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Loved the graphics but while the game is shorter than the original Modern Warfare, the biggest drawback was the lack of dedicated servers, LAN, consoles and modding support. Although some hacks managed to get through with half dedicated servers and third-party add-on mods, this game will never see full potential in the future until Modern Warfare 3. Also the non-free map packs are unacceptable for a game that already had decent multiplayer.

A good game in most parts but WAY too many flaws! First of all, the campaign was idiotic and short. Why would they prolong the campaign with idiotic plot twists and turns? Also, why would a terrorist have such a steriotypical Russian name? It makes up for it's dumb campaign with good graphics and cool guns. But after it makes up for the campaign it plummets straight back down with it's pure evil multiplayer! I would have had a better multiplayer experience playing Duke Nukem Forever with Rebecca Black! The guns are weaker than they should be, it's horribly imbalanced and there are too many hackers. And the worst of all of these FPS sins, NO MODDING TOOLS!!! A game that is worth a try but lacks so much realism! I liked the ending and most of the plot. That's about it.


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