Modern Warfare 2 takes players to the snow-capped peaks of Russian mountains, across the deserts of Afghanistan and into the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and introduces a new co-operative Special Forces mode to back up the single-player campaign.

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Well it technically is a good game. The singleplayer was just epic, but I think they could have added more stealth missions and make it a bit longer, AND NOT HAVING SUCH AWESOME CHARACTERS GET KILLED IN THE STORY!
The multiplayer is fun, but the titles and emblems are just too much! You have to work hours just to complete all the challenges of a single gun to get the titles and emblems for it, and then you got to do it for the next one after that! And after all the hard work you put into getting a certain camo for a gun, you prestige and lose it all! Also, there are a lot of hackers in that game that just want to get to prestige 10 in 5sec. which is stupid.
But one thing I just really loved was the music! Hans Zimmer is one of the best composers out there and he has done a good job with the soundtrack of this game!

this game sucks!!!

You know, I don't think this game is Terrible.
(Before you think of typing that comment about how stupid I am, hear me out.)
The storyline: It is confusing at times and all over the map, but a decent story that needed the gameplay worked on. I give it a 7 out of 10.
The Gameplay: The AI in Singleplayer isn't smart... at all. They are better than some AI, but that is comparing it to games way older than this. I give it a 7 out of 10.
The Multiplayer: I, personally, love Call of Duty Multiplayer. I just can't find the same experience from any other game. There still are problems, though. For one, Forget Tactics. The only way to get through the multiplayer is to be faster and have better weapons than your opponents. Playing Team games when you start is recommended. The Third Person Game mode? An interesting idea, but it didn't work. I give it an 8 out of 10.
Spec Ops: MW2 was the introduction of Spec Ops. Some of the missions I enjoyed, but others I just found redundant. I would have liked it if the missions weren't from the Campaign, mainly because if they were going to do that they should have just made Co-op. Some of the missions were too short, too. I give it a 7 out of 10.
Graphics: Finally, we've come to the graphics. While they are, essentially, Modern Warfare 1's graphics, they are slightly improved. My main complaint with them is that ridiculous, shiny shader. Never fear though, it can be turned off by disabling Specular Mapping in Options. I give the graphics an 8 out of 10.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is your typical Modern-era, Call of Duty. It is designed to be fast paced and action packed, but it lacks that extra pinch of spice to make it spark. It is enjoyable and a lot of things , like the shiny shader, can be gotten used to or fixed. I would recommend this game to a friend if they were looking for a decent, fast paced, run n' gun, Game. Overall, I give this game a 7.4 out of 10.

Loved the graphics but while the game is shorter than the original Modern Warfare, the biggest drawback was the lack of dedicated servers, LAN, consoles and modding support. Although some hacks managed to get through with half dedicated servers and third-party add-on mods, this game will never see full potential in the future until Modern Warfare 3. Also the non-free map packs are unacceptable for a game that already had decent multiplayer.


not even worth a review


A good game in most parts but WAY too many flaws! First of all, the campaign was idiotic and short. Why would they prolong the campaign with idiotic plot twists and turns? Also, why would a terrorist have such a steriotypical Russian name? It makes up for it's dumb campaign with good graphics and cool guns. But after it makes up for the campaign it plummets straight back down with it's pure evil multiplayer! I would have had a better multiplayer experience playing Duke Nukem Forever with Rebecca Black! The guns are weaker than they should be, it's horribly imbalanced and there are too many hackers. And the worst of all of these FPS sins, NO MODDING TOOLS!!! A game that is worth a try but lacks so much realism! I liked the ending and most of the plot. That's about it.


Aviatorboy says

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It have very good SP, nice story. But graphis can be better, still looks from COD5 WaW.

MW2 is not a terrible game. There are much better games, and there are much worse games.

I think most of the hate from the game is from the Activision hate and general anti-hype. The Multiplayer wasn't as good as it was in Cod 4 (to many stupid gimmicks,) but the single player was decent and had some sick adrenaline moments. I give it an 8. Haters gonna hate and fanboys gonna rant, but I won't be swayed by anything other than intelligent reasons supporting the general Moddb opinion that this is a terrible game.

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