Brothers In Arms seeks to pull away from the clichéd mass of World War 2 shooters and put you in a first person World War 2 historical experience. Covering seven days, starting at midnight on D-day, you play an Allied paratrooper Sergeant from the 101st Airborne leading his squad through enemy lines. The squad is responsible for helping secure the area for the landing army and the events are based on history.

Your squad is separated by fireteams, one of which is a tank in some missions. As you play as Sgt. Matt Baker you are free to assist either fireteam, or blaze your own path. Your squadmates are all unique and identifiable, helping to push this game to the next level of story telling.

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There have been plenty of updates to this mod since the last news article. I'll go back to highlight some of the progress over the last few years another time, but you can check the ReadMe if you can't wait. For today, let's just take a look at the latest mutator.

Real Tank Shells Mutator
Ever get bored of the tank-to-tank combat slugfest in Brothers in Arms? Two tanks kind of just park facing each other and just fire shell after shell. It goes on for a while, then one of them blows up. No real sense of danger or realistic tank combat. Well, I fixed that.

Old Damage Model: Pea Shooters
In the default unmodded game, tank shells do the minimum damage to other tanks no matter where they hit: front, side, or rear. They do less than any other anti-tank weapon in the game. They also often did no damage when hitting the direct front or rear of the larger tanks.

New and Improved: Deadly Cannons
With the RealTankShells mutator, tanks take more damage from enemy tank fire, especially from the side or rear. It will use the same damage model as with other anti-tank weapons such as the Panzerfaust, and the damage can be scaled using the CustomWeapons mutator. Direct hits to the front or rear will now register as a hit, fixing an old Gearbox bug.

With the CustomWeapons mutator, you can also increase the anti-tank weapon damage, which means you can set it so that a tank will be destroyed with only one hit to the rear from an enemy tank's cannon.

Now, Tactics!
With these changes, tank battles will require much more maneuvering, forcing you to position your tank to do maximum damage while protecting it from more devastating fire. Try distracting enemy armor, setting up an ambush, and luring it into your line of fire.

Natural Weapon Sway
You will also note that the weapon sways a bit in your hands in first person view with the RealSights mod. It's a small touch, but you should feel the "weight" of the weapon a little more.

Bug Fixes and Other Stuff
I won't mention them all here, but it includes some fixes to grenades' flight path with WZGravity and some new CustomWeapons settings for scopes and damage amounts. I also tweaked the WarZone AI a bit to try to make it less aggressive in advancing.

Mods For Mac OS X!
In case you missed it, I finally posted a Mac version of the mods. The install is not easy, and I can't really help you with it since someone else figured it out for me, but it is possible. Check the downloads for more.

The Modding Continues
I haven't given up modding this game yet. In fact, there's been a bit of a resurgence in this game. Check out these new mods for Brothers in Arms, posted just this month!

I still get suggestions for this mod quite often. If you found a bug, then by all means just send me a PM or an email.

However, if you have some new ideas for features or changes, then I another way to get the word out (besides leaving a comment here) is to share it with the other fans on the Gearbox Forums. I have a thread dedicated to this mod going there already, so join the discussion and make some new friends!

Rendroc's WarZone and CommandMod v4.37 for EiB
Rendroc's WarZone and CommandMod v4.37 for EiB

Rendroc's WarZone and CommandMod v4.37 for RtH30
Rendroc's WarZone and CommandMod v4.37 for RtH30

HollywoodFX and Real Gun Sounds Make BiA Even More Badass

HollywoodFX and Real Gun Sounds Make BiA Even More Badass

4 years ago Rendroc's WarZone 0 comments

Some seriously cool effects improvements for every bullet impact, blood spurt, and explosion with the HollywoodFX mutator. Plus, jmoney's Real Gun Sounds...

Realistic Sights, Mantling, and More!

Realistic Sights, Mantling, and More!

5 years ago Rendroc's WarZone 5 comments

More realistic sights and the ability to mantle over obstacles are the biggest additions to Rendroc's WarZone for Brothers in Arms. Also: more bug fixes...

WarZone Update and... Bastards in Arms?

WarZone Update and... Bastards in Arms?

5 years ago Rendroc's WarZone 1 comment

The latest info on WarZone v4.17. Even more new mutators, and some exciting new customization features for the die-hard Brothers in Arms fans. Plus, a...

Rendroc's WarZone and CommandMod v4.0

Rendroc's WarZone and CommandMod v4.0

6 years ago Rendroc's WarZone 3 comments

Introducing some new mutators to customize and increase the realism and battle immersion for Brothers in Arms. Improved AI bots and more soldiers for...

Marcomix's Hip rifles mod

Marcomix's Hip rifles mod

3 months ago Full Version 0 comments

Hello there! I made this mod to emulate a famous E3 gameplay of BiA HH. The weapon models has been tweaked and repositioned to the Baker's hip. Now, the...

Marcomix's Realsight tweaks + Widescreen fix

Marcomix's Realsight tweaks + Widescreen fix

3 months ago Patch 0 comments


MRW: BiA 2.9 US

MRW: BiA 2.9 US

3 months ago Marcomix's Real Weapons: Brothers in arms Edition Demo 0 comments

Hello! New update! -New m1 garand skin: slightly darker and more war-torn. New markings on the reciever and better overhaul realism -New Thompson skin...

Little Thompson npc patch

Little Thompson npc patch

4 months ago Marcomix's Real Weapons: Brothers in arms Edition Patch 0 comments

This little patch adds a detail on the Npc's Thompson. Dunno how I could have forgotten this detail...Mea culpa. Just place the file as it would be a...

Face Paint for Generic Characters.

Face Paint for Generic Characters.

5 months ago Demo 0 comments

Instructions and a few included inside, You need BROTHERS IN ARMS SDK to be able to use them! ;)

Cole's Charge modified. (Necessary parts Included)

Cole's Charge modified. (Necessary parts Included)

5 months ago Full Version 1 comment

My modified map from Brothers in Arms Road to hill 30, Requires 1.11 Version probably. You can see most of the changes from this Topic (Gearbox Forums...

Post comment Comments  (10 - 20 of 27)
gunster Dec 13 2006 says:

rad game

+2 votes     reply to comment
ROSS-DA-BOSS Mar 20 2006 says:

shadowfox i totally agree about not being able to shoot into the MG nest. I too spent about 10 mins triyin to kill the German bugger behind that MG42!!! for a game that is pretty realistic from ashooting point of view it needs to address the problem of bullet penatration or lack of it!! it would be cool to shoot through wooden crates and hedges and be able to ricochet a bullet at a right angle in to a jerries chest!

Wicked game and loved most aspects of the game but could do with more levels and the ability to operate machinery. over and out.

+2 votes     reply to comment
MuffinSoldaat Apr 10 2009 replied:

I see you posted this topic in 2006, but I still had to reply. MG42's have safe-zone's parameters in their actor class properties, which disallows the player to 'snipe' them from far.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Algara91 Jan 20 2006 says:

This game was alright i found that it was enjoyable the first time you play it, i dont like the sand box effect you HAVE to stick too the objective and you HAVE to go the main path to do so. Opress and Flank every time repetative at some times, and the whole team ordering thing good consept but DUMB AI. You tell them too get over here or go over there and then they run in your line of fire and there dead.

+2 votes     reply to comment
General_Bison Nov 11 2005 says:

*the focus is on tactics

+2 votes     reply to comment
General_Bison Nov 11 2005 says:

$90 is about £50
You paid £50/$90 for Brothers in Arms.

And I think you're missing the whole point of the game, to focus is on tactics and ordering your team-mates around, not straight up shooting.

Call of Duty rip off? Wtf are you on? They're both based in WWII, but so is Medal of Honor, so is Hidden and Dangerous, so are a bunch of games. How old are you?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Spearhead64 May 15 2005 says:

Correction, i forgot to add something about my comment below

How did you (get) $90 for this game?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Spearhead64 May 15 2005 says:

What Call of Duty ripoff? I don't think so.

and how did you $90 for this game? i got it for $42!

This game rocks :thumbup:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Surak May 13 2005 says:

Call of Duty rip-off

0 votes     reply to comment
Black-Milano May 10 2005 says:

How did you pay 90 dollars for BIA? you got ripped!

+2 votes     reply to comment
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