"Breaking The Rules" is a third-person action/fighting game. Game is mainly played as a brawl, ( but can also be played in the classic 1 vs 1 mode ). Fights can happen local ( up to 4 players on the same machine ) or multiplayer up to 12 players. The game is 100% physic based, one still standing, and totally fallen in 8 of the most beautiful locations in the city of Rome faithfully reproduced.

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Not a lot of content. Shouldn't be such an issue for a fighting game, but even then, it's not much.

No tutorial whatsoever, the moment you try the game, you're harassed by the computer with no idea how to play.
CPU is over-aggressive, there is no real strategy involved, just mash your quickest attack and pray.
Animations are stiff and very rigid (and some movements are really unnatural).

There is a lot of emphasis on the background and the scenery, but you can't move if you have an opponent 3m away from you, so basically, you just square it out statically.

Graphics aren't bad, but while that's enough to make you want to try the game, that's not enough.


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