"Breaking The Rules" is a third-person action/fighting game. Game is mainly played as a brawl, ( but can also be played in the classic 1 vs 1 mode ). Fights can happen local ( up to 4 players on the same machine ) or multiplayer up to 12 players. The game is 100% physic based, one still standing, and totally fallen in 8 of the most beautiful locations in the city of Rome faithfully reproduced.

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Bought it. Says, "Desura failed to locate CD key" and "The cd key you are trying to accept has expired" BS Thanks :D Awesome game!

Good job not giving me a valid serial code. I only got this game on sale for a dollar because it looked like something to occupy me for about a day as I was incredibly bored, but I didn't even get to try the piece of ****.

The worst ever.

While I admire the developers attempt to create a ragdoll beat-em-up, I have to say, that this is simply the worst indie title I have ever played.

The controls are incredbily clunky and sluggish. Combat is difficult and there are almost no combos at all. The combos that do exsist are simply punch, punch, or kick, kick, kick. "Special" moves are difficult to pull off, and certain characters are simply better to play than others due to their knock up and knock down capabilities.

Characters have spines made of rubber, and limbs attached with rubber-bands. oftentimes a strong attack will cause the enemy's spine to bend at a 90 degree angle, only to have them snap back up and continue to pummel you.

Better luck next time BTR Studios.

It looks as if the devs really tried hard, but the games simply does not function in a way that I could find enjoyable. The only enjoyment I had was laughing at the ridiculous rubber-banding effects of the bodies. In all honesty, I feel I wasted $2 on this game, and if it were 100% free, I STILL wouldn't play it.


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