"Breaking The Rules" is a third-person action/fighting game. Game is mainly played as a brawl, ( but can also be played in the classic 1 vs 1 mode ). Fights can happen local ( up to 4 players on the same machine ) or multiplayer up to 12 players. The game is 100% physic based, one still standing, and totally fallen in 8 of the most beautiful locations in the city of Rome faithfully reproduced.

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This is a good fighting game. The controls are straightforward ( if you use the pad ), choosing the right attack at the right time and engaging the enemy at the right distance for the attack is vital. Changing your focus between enemies takes some practice and precise facing, but with the crossair you get easily used to it. If you find the right sequence with the four attack buttons the results in some nice combos taht can differ a lot among the 8 characters.
Blocking is not a good strategy to win a game (it only reduces stamina, with no damage), so it is better to have an "attack - only" tactic which is good for my fighting style.
The brawls with up to 8 fighters at one time are the most distinctive trait of the game. The online game is fun but it crashes too often.
If you look for a realistic fighting game with no fireballs or people that fly and with multiple opponents this is the game for you.
And at 5.99 it's well worth the price.

not dynamic, too little character, slow action.
Nice graphics.

Not a lot of content. Shouldn't be such an issue for a fighting game, but even then, it's not much.

No tutorial whatsoever, the moment you try the game, you're harassed by the computer with no idea how to play.
CPU is over-aggressive, there is no real strategy involved, just mash your quickest attack and pray.
Animations are stiff and very rigid (and some movements are really unnatural).

There is a lot of emphasis on the background and the scenery, but you can't move if you have an opponent 3m away from you, so basically, you just square it out statically.

Graphics aren't bad, but while that's enough to make you want to try the game, that's not enough.

The worst ever.

Very good game!

Graphics are OK.
Obviously Doesn't pretend to be Crysis-like but looks like a mid-2000 game.
( first games of next-gen if you get the idea ).
The controlls are a little bit hard, but the artificial inteligence is very smart.
But the great part of the game is physics.
Ragdoll physics of this game is incredible.
It's even better than big name studios titles that usually use it only for ko's.
Here ragdolls are always present in the fight and thanks to them you can feel every hit as little bit different from the other.
Also, the part i like most is that you can fight in brawls up to 8 fighters against cpu or with 3 friends. If you have a pad and have 3 friends with a pad ( even if 2 of them could play with keyboard but is a little bit tricky ) this game is a must.

the graphic is realy good and the is good too, but it has no HUD so i think a 9 is good

Though it doesn’t quite reach the same high standards, the game resembles Mortal Kombat, but it has a lot of promise and a very dedicated team behind it. I have been looking forward to a solid new fighting game on PC, and found BTR rather addictive. For those hungry for Mortal Kombat to come to PC, this will hold you over until Boon (the executive producer of the Mortal Kombat series) finally decides to port it to PC, and, with the promised patches (see below) it could even become a good replacement if Boon decides to keep Mortal Kombat 9 console-exclusive.


After patch 1.3.2 many problems with animations and ragdolls seems fixed.
This is a great brawl/fighting game if you like the genre ( e.g.: Streets of Rage ).

BTR had potential to be a good game: nice graphics, original background (Rome and its surroundings) and interesting 80s/90s culture. Ok, that's for the positive aspects. Now the major part of the game...
The game seems to be an alpha version of itself: the characters are hard to control due to the fact that they seem to be made of rubber, the AI is too much agressive and the physics engine is a bloody mess (bodies and props often flying for god-knows-why and collision damage glitches).
Not to make things any better, there's no tutorial and the manual (not even included with the damn game) is useless: the combos are hard to perform and the major part of them is useless. Most of the time, you miss the opponent and you have to get closer (if not giving him a hug) to hit him properly but this is the best way to get your *** kicked... Also, some characters are disadvantaged: while some of them are agile despite the rigid controls, others are as pleasant to control as driving a tractor.
Unfortunately, there's nothing in this game that maintains the interest of the player: all the unlockables are game modes that you have to play in the given order. Just waste an hour or two and you've "finished" the game.

If the devs polished it a lot more it would be an enjoyable game but in the end, it's just the worst indie game I've ever played. Also, there's no solid player base and thus no one plays it online, which leaves this game uninteresting. Thank god I only wasted 0,96€.

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