Braid is a puzzle-platformer, drawn in a painterly style, where you can manipulate the flow of time in strange and unusual ways. From a house in the city, journey to a series of worlds and solve puzzles to rescue an abducted princess. In each world, you have a different power to affect the way time behaves, and it is time's strangeness that creates the puzzles.

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a really good indie game
very time consuming and frustrating, but still so awesome :)

Clever storyline, great graphics, solid gameplay, and wonderful music to go with it all. Highly recommended!

Game is both challenging yet makes you forget about how hard the puzzles can be by making you interested in completing them all.

Very nice concept for a jump and run. Graphics are nice but could be more elaborate (feels a bit generic at times). [Linux Version]

Braid's main aspect is the ability to Rewind time. There are 6 worlds to play through with many puzzles to complete. the music is amazingly calm and the boss battles are fun to do. There is an extremely Deep story to the game but to get the greatest ending of all you have to solve the biggest puzzle of them all. A puzzle that spans all worlds and all levels. Amazing Game and worth the playthrough. Try for the biggest secrets before looking them up. It will truely be worth it.


One of the greatest puzzle-platformers, nay, platformers, nay, games of all time!


One of the best games i have ever played. a must buy. i spent months in forums reading about the hints to the story and what all the small details might mean. the game is so much more than just a puzzler, its a mystery.

+ innovative design
+ tough but logical puzzles
+ great pacing and learning curve
+ lots of secret things to discover
+ the story is a great mystery
+ speedrun challenges
+ the art style is stunning, just stunning

- once you have finished it a couple of times (im on my 5th playtrough) you remeber all the puzzles and the game looses a bit of its charm. an expansion or sequel would be a wonderful thing, although it probably wont happen. but the creator is working on his next title and that might be as good as braid.

last thing: don't look up the solutions on youtube. i did it a few times, and i wish i didn't. the levels are not in the 100:s so by wussing out on a couple of stages shortens this fantastic game.

this game is a crazy experience i like the story so much it is so so different than any other game that i have ever play and its so wonderfull
it make me thinks and try to handle diffrent logics in same time the person who did the story is a genius

Curioso y diferente juego, cruce de plataformas y estrategia. Una historia muy bonita con un amor perdido, el de una princesa que encontrar pero escapando a los tópicos (no solo de los videojuegos) ademas de sorprender hasta el mismo final.
Para pasar un buen rato comiendote el coco.

Didnt quite know what the hell was going on. Not my kind of game i guess.

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