The latest game from XHH(me). Basically it's a fun little platformer/adventure game that is meant to turn your boredom into rage and high blood pressure. The game includes spikes, gravity, a cat, fight scenes, romantic struggles, and good music! Honestly that's all I can tell you about this game. You should really download it and see for yourself! Average gameplay time: 1 month (approx. 300 deaths). Controls are not explained. Learning is also part of the experience. The more you die, the better your chances of finishing the game. ;) Need experience in air jumping? Try re-watching the trailer! If you find a bug or have a suggestion, don't hesitate to submit a comment! I will almost always respond! ******* Pressing F4 will toggle full screen mode Holding F will increase fps and skip certain dialogue. ******* NEW: If you make a gameplay video, comment/PM a link and I will add it to the playlist: ---->>> <<<------ (Desura didn't allow direct youtube links)

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A simple platform game where show the graphics not is most important in game. Funny and difficult game. A little short :D

really nice and creative platformer and one of the few that i will actually play that isn't a retro game

i love rage games but this is one rage game that i will never forget

Good idea, why not turn people's boredom into rage.


Very well made, frustrating (not in a bad way) and I enjoyed the art-style. Simple, but it does it's job when it comes to ******* you off.


It's a great decent game. So far so good. Also, this game keeps you entertained throughout the gaming session. But, I have to admit, some of the obstacles are kinda hard...but overall 8/10. Congrats.

This game will mess with you, after hours and hours of game play, the rape just keeps coming, but wait THERE'S MORE. After 4 hours of continuous game play, yes continuous, i finally beat the first boss, nuff said.

This is an amazing game. It has a nice little story line (throughout the first 20-25 minutes, anyways) and seems pretty interesting. I hate the boss though. But, do I hear Mario music? XD Anyways, great game. A solid 8/10.

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