The latest game from XHH(me). Basically it's a fun little platformer/adventure game that is meant to turn your boredom into rage and high blood pressure. The game includes spikes, gravity, a cat, fight scenes, romantic struggles, and good music! Honestly that's all I can tell you about this game. You should really download it and see for yourself! Average gameplay time: 1 month (approx. 300 deaths). Controls are not explained. Learning is also part of the experience. The more you die, the better your chances of finishing the game. ;) Need experience in air jumping? Try re-watching the trailer! If you find a bug or have a suggestion, don't hesitate to submit a comment! I will almost always respond! ******* Pressing F4 will toggle full screen mode Holding F will increase fps and skip certain dialogue. ******* NEW: If you make a gameplay video, comment/PM a link and I will add it to the playlist: ---->>> <<<------ (Desura didn't allow direct youtube links)

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the game is very glitchy, the collition boxes on moving platfroms are triggered WAY too easily(hitting the side will cause it to move even though you havent touched the top yet), not enough time is given for certian objectives that envolve death upon failure to complete in a certain time


The Game is nice, interesting but the bosses are not so hard and it is nothing special about the game, it is short. A game that will kill you some time if you have :)

It's a great decent game. So far so good. Also, this game keeps you entertained throughout the gaming session. But, I have to admit, some of the obstacles are kinda hard...but overall 8/10. Congrats.

I honestly love how this was created. How it makes you need to plan and think about your next move while also having to be quick about your actions in some parts. It is truly rage inducing. I actually surprised that this game doesn't cost money.

If XHH were to make a sequel to this, I'd think that he should add different worlds (i.e. One world has 6 different areas.) and each world would adds a bit of color until the whole entire place is filled with color.

This game is wonderfuly made, one of the mose interesting games ive seen on a custom built game engine. Good Job!

can someone tell me how to air jump wow im dumb

Because ******* waiting

This game will mess with you, after hours and hours of game play, the rape just keeps coming, but wait THERE'S MORE. After 4 hours of continuous game play, yes continuous, i finally beat the first boss, nuff said.

Just a wonderful game , little hard but wonderful

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