What’s Bob the Blob all about? The goal of the game is to complete the most wild and diverse platformer levels as fast as possible, while collecting the required amount of blobs. The levels take place all over the universe where Bob gets to travel to with the amazing DDD Device which takes him from one place to another. You also get to goof around the laboratory of the Professor who created you, and investigate various places which open up as the game progresses. The Professor helps Bob with different super powers, such as double jumps, squeezing and a long jump. Prof may also want Bob to collect components for his World Peace Machine, scattered around the levels. There are also lots of interesting extras, secrets and other unlockable content to be found around the game.

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We now have released an early gameplay teaser! Also includes developing comments by BetaDreams CEO/Programmer Sami Pussinen.

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We now have released an early gameplay teaser for you. It shows how is the gameplay at the moment and of course it has good background music for your enjoyment too!

Bob the Blob early gameplay teaser video - Indie DB

You can also download High Quality version from here

Comments from Sami Pussinen( Programmer, CEO of BetaDreams)

It has been a lot of fun developing Bob The Blob and oh boy I have learned so much about Unreal Technology and game making in general.

Q: What has been the hardest part of the development so far?

A: As the programmer I would say that the hardest thing to code has been the camera and the ways it behaves in different situations like when touching a Sticky Block and traveling upside down at the same time. For the team the hardest thing has been that we never have made any commercial games and when we started we did not know anything about Unreal Development Kit (Or any game of Unreal series! I know, I know it's a huge shame...) but we have been learning about the technology for several months now and we are starting to have a good grip on it!

Q: How has Bob evolved to the current state?

A: Well, bob started of as a funny little slimeball game, where we could compete on best times on the tracks. As a side note I challenge everybody to try get better times than me on any tracks :) . Then we started to develop the idea further and BOOM it has been growing since.

Q: Have you had ideas what you have had to leave out of the game?

A: Yes. A lot! Many goofy ideas have been left out, but some have got in the game and then we have realized their stupidness and/or disfunctionality and removed them. For example we made so that Bob would slide on surfaces because he's a slimeball. Well it was cool effect but it made the game five times harder! We then decided that we could make a special mode called "Fuck you mode" which you could activate if you were hardcore enough. It will make even the easy levels super hard, because it enables every nice "effects" we have ;) . One other example is the softbody simulation on Bob's character model. we just wasted too long time and even then the result was that it either ripped of Bob or it would get deformed and look like Bob got gigantic blob b**ls strapped to him!

Q: What is it going to be at the end?

A: We have planned that Bob the Blob has about 100 singleplayer levels at the end and almost they all will introduce new gameplay related things in the game. Singleplayer has 5 absolutely different dimensions and they all will have 12 Easy levels, 3-4 Hard levels + bonus levels. We have been planning Multiplayer to the game too, but it is not 100% certain yet. The multiplayer would have many different game modes like Blob Sumo, King of the hill and of course time race. User created levels would be fun too, but that would be an update after release.

Thanks for reading and hope that you enjoyed the teaser!


This game would be great for things like time trials or online races. C:
Looks awesome so far.

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Hilselinko Creator

We are working hard on the online game mode and it is looking like that we might get it done for the final release of the game. But this is still a big maybe.

Thanks for your comment.

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Looks great guys :D. Love the techno track on video.

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yeah, what song is that?

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BetaNium Author

The song is Alpha Barrier by our music artist Datafox. We can make a downloadable package of some of our music tracks if you would like it ;)

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Hilselinko Creator

Almost every single texture is going to be remaked, so we have much more better textures in the final version of Bob The Blob. And it's nice to hear that you liked our musics.

Thanks for the comment.

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And I made the music~ Like over half a year ago..

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