Bloody Trapland is a fast-paced multiplayer platformer where the levels are filled with dozens of dangerous traps and tricky jumps that stand in your way! Play co-op with your friends or take on the challenges on your own. With support for both local and online multiplayer.      •    100+ levels.      •    1-4 Players.      •    Three different game modes.      •    co-op only and secret areas.      •    Online scoreboard.      •    4 playable characters.      •    Unique soundtrack.      •    Hours and hours of gametime. This is a challenging, yet simple game that anyone can enjoy, whether you're a casual or a hardcore gamer.

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Jul 18 2012 Anchor

i was thinking could someone make a hamachi server like bloody trapland server 1 , 2 ,3 or more? the only problem is the guy has to be online... (i can make the network[s]and server i use the most of my day on the pc any way-_-)

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Sep 4 2012 Anchor

jacobmix wrote: i was thinking could someone make a hamachi server like bloody trapland server 1 , 2 ,3 or more? the only problem is the guy has to be online... (i can make the server i use the most of my day on the pc any way-_-)

would love to join a server but dont know how to make 1

Sep 6 2012 Anchor

pownerowner wrote:

jacobmix wrote: i was thinking could someone make a hamachi server like bloody trapland server 1 , 2 ,3 or more? the only problem is the guy has to be online... (i can make the server i use the most of my day on the pc any way-_-)

would love to join a server but dont know how to make 1

EDIT: please read it all
And btw I'm not E
nglish so if I write something wrong say to yourself ''that guy is an idiot'' and go your merry way

hey i'm your guide for this occasion i'll give you tips and show you how to beat levels and if you really wanna i can skip some
PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCRIONS BELOW and join the bloody traplanders hamachi

just download hamachi and install the rest is easy
link to download: softonic | logmein

(EDIT: this is rly old, but i'll keep it here)
i'm making 5 networks ( bloody trapland 1 - bloody trapland 2 - bloody trapland 3 - bloody trapland 4 - bloody trapland 5 ) passwords for all the servers and networks (if any) is 125 (all the networks has 125 as their password)

if anyone needs help just ask me over hamachi ( i have beaten the whole game still need to do all the races though :/ )

chat (through hamachi) to me and say if you whan't me to host a server (on bloody-trapland) [server=bloody trapland | network=hamachi]

[to chat on hamachi just right click the person's name and click ''Chat'' | you can also do this on a network]
networks status

bloody trapland 1 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 2 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 3 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 4 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 5 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 6 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 7 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 8 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 9 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland 10 status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland A status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland B status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland C status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland D status: 5/5 (deleted*)
bloody trapland E status: 5/5 (deleted*)
pass for all the networks are: 125
IP: 25.40,160.77

no more networks... for now
i will update this as time goes

BTW: if you don't want to chat or see people chat on a network just double click it and you'll be offline from that network
(double click it again to reconnect)

P.S.plz track this to be notified with updates and whatever goes on here
P.P.S.just connect to ONE network
P.P.P.S.i am on all the networks so one of the people is me (jacobmix)

we also have tunngle join our tunngle network for more/better connection (use the ip)
tunngle is basically just an easy way for ALL of us to communicate and a back up network
network name: bloodytrapland | network password: 125 | IP: | my name: jacobmix

and help bloody trapland get on steam! (on steam = more levels and fun!...
and public servers... no more lag! :D ... but then... are we still needed?... ... well i will stay! :D)... (just in case)

CD key info
: yes your desura key will also work on steam

and for people that don't know where your CD key is do this
in desura(client) go to ''Play'' right click the game(bloody trapland) and click ''View CD Key'' it should be there

or just go to (you need to be logged in)

and you can find all you're CD keys here: (still need to be logged in)
to add a CD key you can open desura(client)>>login>>click the blue desura logo in the top left and click ''Tools''
then click ''Activate Game CD key or Gift''

to find your CD key in steam: Right-click Bloody Trapland in LIBRARY and click View CD key
to add it on steam go to ''LIBRARY'' and down in the lower left corner there should be a ''+ ADD A GAME'' click it and
then click on ''Activate a Product on Steam'' and follow the instructions. (Just use the same CD Key)

i won't be online all the time i have a life i go places I HAVE A FAMILY... so remember

if you need help with your network/server try this:

EDIT: some of this you can skip if you go on logmein and choose ''Managed'' (you don't need to go managed i just tell you to >:])
1: download hamachi softonic | logmein

2: install it and start it (remember to make a shortcut)

3: click the big power button in the top left

4: wait a bit and something should pop up just click on home network (make sure your firewall is not interfering with
hamachi and bloody trapland) (and choose your name should pop up somewhere in there too)

5: make a network (just a test) click Network>>Create a new network give it a name/ID (and a password if you'd like)

6: now make a friend join it to test it (make him click on Network>>connect to existing network and type in the name/ID (and pass)
for your network (make sure you and your friend('s) have the newest update) (to automatically update click on
system>>preferences click on settings and scroll down to software updating click on activate auto updating and set to yes)

6.5:now click on manage and make an account on logmein so you can control your networks (and easily manage them)

7: now connect to one of my networks

8: have fun! (now i/you can start a server (open bloody trapland go online host and start the server)
(if you can't see it on the list use the IP) (your IP should be to the right of the power button)
(mine/your friends IP should be next to his/hers name)

Ps. if you have problems go to: logmein google youtube forum ect. if you have lag try: tunngle
(if you use tunngle your friends need to use your tunngle IP) (i'll try and help but try these options first)
if you need help with bloody trapland it self go here

p.s you can change your name at any time in preferences

p.s.s if you want to add networks to your logmein account right click your network and click add too *logmein account*
p.s.s.s. if you don't wan't hamachi to start up automatically click start and search for msconfig
p.s.s.s.s even when the hamachi ''windows'' are closed its still running in the background
(to open the main window again click the arrow in the task bar(down to the right) and right click on hamachi and click restore
or just click on a shortcut

how to firewall: ''click start(windows butten on lower left)>>and search for ''firewall''>> windows firewall>>
allow that a program or feature through Window Firewall'' click change settings
find and select the program you want to pass through (hamachi and bloody trapland)
(you might have to ''allow another program'') if it's selected it should have a tick (not blank) and that's how you firewall... (i know)

how to join and make a server in bloody trapland
start bloody trapland and hamachi>>in bloody trapland press enter to start(get to the main menu)>>play game>>
play online>>select the local players you want(people playing on one pc with the keyboard and controllers)>>
to make a server use ''host'' to join a server use ''manual join''(use the ip)... that's it

if all this does not work try this (in windows 7) go to ''Network and Sharing Center'' >> ''Change Adapter Settings'' >>
(press Alt and choose ''Advanced'' from the menu) >> ''Advanced Settings''. There in Connections list >>
use the arrows to move the ''Hamachi'' connection to the top of the list. (if you still can not get it to work try this)

if you wanna use ps3 controllers use MotioninJoy
oh and if you wanna have more fun with controllers try this: Xpadder

(Things like hamachi: - Tunngle - Gameranger) (Simple Port Forwarding - Simple Static IP) (Port Forward)
Bloody Trapland port: 6883 - more help here

if you don't want to be on a network anymore just send me a message and i'll kick you from that network (need your name)

how do i update the game?
in desura (client) go to games look after ''bloody trapland'' then if there is an update there should be a ''circle of arrows''
click it and follow the instructions. More info here.

IP info: if you click start (the windows button down on the left on the taskbar) and search for ''cmd''
open it and type ''ipconfig /all'' this should give you all the info about your ip and ect.

hamachi color: ''green'' good connection | ''blue'' (relayed connection)bad connection | ''red'' no connection | ''gray he/she or the network is offline (if you have a bad connection try and restart hamachi and if it still does not work restart your pc more help/info here)

please read all of the instructions above
please read all of the instructions above because i see new people joining that join ALL the networks they can

i'm getting tired of this:

okay let me explain someone chats to me (on hamachi) ask me to start the server
i ask what lvl and if he want to play with more people he says yes
i click on all the networks and click chat so now i chat to ALL the networks
i ask if anyone wants to play and mostly no one answers or some do and join
BUT some time i get this: STOP 4KING MESSAGING ME!
if you don't want to chat play or be connected with other people from the bloody trapland network just go offline
(one the bloody trapland network your on) [you do this by double clicking the bloody trapland network your on]

and if you want me to remove you from a network just send me a pm (i need your name) or find some other way of messaging me

if you are still reading congratulations you can join this group
and this steam group and this one: group

okay time for a ''me section'' so you know how i ''operate''
about me:

i like to use y instead of why
i like to use 2 instead of too/to/two
i like to use btw instead of ''by the way''
I like to use sry instead of ''sorry'' and srly instead of ''seriously''
i like to use these (<-these->)
i have work/school/stuff to do & i have a dog, (& family) i take care of (and friends all that takes time from me i can't be online 24/7&A½)
my username on most stuff is jacobmix (yes my irl name is jacob)
and as you can see i don't ''like'' to use , . and big letters when i need to (i just dont give a damn this is not a test)
i'm a boy/man... my age i won't just give though
i'm just a ''normal'' person (just like you) nothing special really i just did this because no one else did
oh and i'm from Danmark(DK) (standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1hour)

there is more to me but either i can't remamber it right now or i just don't wanna tell

Update: some people have trouble connecting to me that is properly because of my location...
So remember you can make your own network(s) and discuss it here
Just remember to put the network ID('s) & PassWord(s) and where you live(country)

NEW UPDATE: I'm not gonna make anymore networks i'm just too busy i will be on hamachi every now and then...
But you can always make your own network... all the info you need is right here
(wow this is getting more popular than i thought it would)

if you have any questions about networks/servers ask them now

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Mar 6 2013 Anchor


Mar 7 2013 Anchor

Archie2002 wrote: hahah AABDULLAh


you might be a troll or an ignorant kid (or not even know english) but please could you refrain from saying stuff like ''hahah AABDULLAh''
this place is for talking about bloody trapland and how to make a server/network

Jun 6 2013 Anchor

i would like to join

Jun 6 2013 Anchor

rubber667 wrote: i would like to join

i'm sorry i'm just too busy and really don't care about this anymore... people keep having problems that i can't fix or some dumb ones that they should already know the answer to if they had read the whole post... you can still read this to get some idea how to make your own server and network...
if you want to play with other people from the bloody trapland community you can post you IP, Network ID, Password and other stuff here

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Jun 7 2013 Anchor

um dude :D im not having problem on people joining me when i make a server random people can join me my port is open and i know to play in hamachi too i just need players that is what im lookin for

Jun 7 2013 Anchor

okay just add me on steam and say when you wanna play (but i will be busy this week and a little next week)

Jun 7 2013 Anchor

i sended you friend reguest long time ago

Jun 7 2013 Anchor

on steam? i chat mostly on steam but i have added you as a friend on desura
here is my steam id:

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Jul 13 2013 Anchor

Looking for players! Willing to set up a hamachi if you prefer!

Hamachi set!
Network name- Bloody Trapland TrueBlue312
Password- notobvious

Jul 24 2013 Anchor

if i find any free time i'll play but you'll probably won't see me playing any deathmatch or race except if i know you well enough
also if you want me to play games with you consistent you have to add me on steam
and if you ever need help or something just send me a message

I'm gonna delete the networks, it's not like anyone is actually using them.

My ''last'' update is gonna be a little tip:
If hamachi doesnt wanna start try Ctrl+Alt+Delete (task manager) >> services >> admin services >> LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine >>
click start service >> now start hamachi.

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Nov 19 2013 Anchor

Eh yeah... How do i get now the game on steam? or do i still need to wait? :C :flame:

Nov 19 2013 Anchor

Looks like we have to wait a little more.
Could be because the paperwork?

Nov 19 2013 Anchor

ohhhh ok. :P

Nov 19 2013 Anchor

Keys work on steam now!

Btw desura save works on steam just go to ''C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Bloody Trapland'' take the ''save.btl'' file and put it in
''C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bloody Trapland''
(Don't need 2 do this. The game just looks for the save on it's own)

If people still wanna play with me join this group.

You can use PortMapper to port-forward even if you don't have the username and password for your router. (uses Java and UPnP)

You can use WirelessKeyView to get some info on your router network and ect.

Looking back... This whole thread is a mess... Well i'm not gonna try and clean it up.
It should explain pretty well how things worked when i used Hamachi and all that.
And hopefully help some people. ;) *THE END*

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