Block Story is a great role playing PC game where you build with blocks and can explore to your heart’s content. Today more than 3,000,000 gamers around the world have downloaded it to their mobile phones. And since Block Story has full compatibility between PC and mobile devices, you can move your worlds between your phone and PC allowing you to continue your Block Story adventure at home and on the go. Cool Features * Ten expansive ecosystems to build in and explore * Summon five different creatures to join you in combat * Fantasy/middle ages art style * Level up, grow stronger and battle on * Hours of quest game play and fun

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its a sub par minecraft clone.

No heart, no soul, no atmosphere, just a bunch of half finished idea's thrown together. The best way to describe it is a cluttered hires texture pack version of Minecraft with half finished features, uninteresting world generation and out of place enteties.

Impression written for the current version. Who knows, it might improve.

This looks like the cheapest and worst looking ripoff of Minecraft I've ever seen... The textures, the lighting, the models ... There are certain additions, but nothing that warrants a standalone game, why don't you make a Minecraft Mod once the Mod Api comes out instead? At least Minecraft has semi-decent default textures...

I played this for a short time and uninstalled it and luckily got my money back. I really don't like the glowing ores, it looks really dumb to wander around at night and see hills and mountains glowing in the distance in pink, yellow, green, etc. The mobs look completely out of place with the rest of the game which ruins immersion. Also the monster spawners are crates littered all over the landscape. It looks tacky and I think monster spawners should be hidden so you have to find them. Overall, this game is awful and I downvote it on every site I come across.


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