Block Story is a great role playing PC game where you build with blocks and can explore to your heart’s content. Today more than 3,000,000 gamers around the world have downloaded it to their mobile phones. And since Block Story has full compatibility between PC and mobile devices, you can move your worlds between your phone and PC allowing you to continue your Block Story adventure at home and on the go. Cool Features * Ten expansive ecosystems to build in and explore * Summon five different creatures to join you in combat * Fantasy/middle ages art style * Level up, grow stronger and battle on * Hours of quest game play and fun

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Why pay for this when Minecraft is miles better?

this game's awesome. i'm just gonna say that.


Amazing game, good physics and addictive graphics, I would give it 10/10 if there wasn't the new member rule.

Great game. It's not just another copy of Minecraft. I've spent some time playing lite version and I'm very happy. I recommend it to all people who likes sandbox and RPG.

pretty good :)

Nice game!

This game has hours and hours of fun without the feeling of time sinks like MMO games have. It is addicting in a good way!

Good games, it waas make me feel like I'm the person in the game. Great graphic and great view.

This Game is great!

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