One of the best World War II real-time strategies around, Blitzkrieg offers over 80 missions divided into three campaigns - western Allied, German and Soviet, and multiplayer LAN/Internet matches support. The game is fully historically accurate, and all of 250 objects and 40 infantry types actually existed during the War. The feeling of realism is supported by true WW2 video and great audio. Blitzkrieg is the fine art of strategy, but with much more finesse! Dissect your enemy with surgical precision, halt the enemy's advance with strategic tank and air assaults, and maintain your offensive momentum. You can prove your tactical skills by triumphing in various historical campaigns during World War II. Command more effectively over the course of the war. Progress through the game is rewarded through access to the latest warfare technology, so strategic guile is recommended. Accept the challenge and launch your assault, remembering that … Attack is the best form of defense!

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Blitzkrieg 2

Fan-sites and Forums

Jun 24, 2010 Geralds Reinforcement Mod 1 comment

As I had problems finding the BK2 community since BK-portal-site went down. So here are some links of BK2 community sites:

Authentic battlefield

Authentic battlefield

Sep 29, 2008 Kosovo Sunrise 0 comments

A completely new approach on Urban warfare with a lot of objects and models. Fight in the mud covered with craters or fight in the city, covered with...

Tactical maps-now they are

Tactical maps-now they are

Jul 1, 2008 Kosovo Sunrise 0 comments

Old Blitzkrieg style geographical maps are gone, for real.

New feature - 57mm air-to-ground rocket

New feature - 57mm air-to-ground rocket

Jun 30, 2008 Kosovo Sunrise 2 comments

new feature-rockets launched from the airplanes and helicopters

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