------- HOW TO PLAY -------

* Start new game with completed cube,
* Watch how cube rotates and memorize moves,
* Put all tiles of the same color to one side of the cube,
* Get better score with minimum number of moves and time.

------- FEATURES -------

* Unique 5-sided game cube,
* Combination of memory, collect and match game,
* For one or two players (hot seat),
* 18 random levels to unlock,
* Simple game controls with just 6 possible moves,
* Easy to start yet hard to master,
* Undo your moves to find the best way,
* Play against limited number of moves and time,

* Gather all parts of the lost treasure map,
* Moody, tiny pirate atmosphere,

Game Over

The game you are trying to view has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occured at the developers request because it is no longer active and was not released, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you are a member of this games team and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

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