BLACK THE FALL is an atmospheric game set-up in a communist dystopian era. Playing as Black, an obedient factory worker, you get one chance to outsmart the oppressive system, but the road to freedom is paved with puzzles, pitfalls and manipulation. A door malfunctions, an opportunity arises. Once out, what will you do to survive?

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Hey indies, check out Black The Fall's feature list and please let me know what do you think. Thanks!

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You can play the prototype here or download it form idiedb.


The Natives
They wonder the world apparently with no aim but their most basic needs. Sometimes they act crazy
and sometimes they run, but they are always on the lookout for food. Be cautious of the Preacher's song as all Natives will be drawn to it.

BlackTheFall - The Natives

The Machines
No one knows what they are and where they come from. Their soulless eyes always seem to spy on the living. Although the natives fear them, a strange symbiosis is at work.

BlacTheFall - The Machines

Puzzle solving
Solving one problem may lead to another. Choose your path wisely as things are not always what they seem. Jump, slide, climb or hide to overcome obstacles. Discover how to operate the strange machines that dominate the landscape but beware of the outcome.

BlackTheFall - Puzzled

Explore every corner for you never know what you can find. Treasures may hide in dark secret places. Scavenge for resources as you can craft powerful weapons and special ammo.

Weather system
Be weary of the clouds for they bring a strange vibe into the world. The Natives react differently to it. Some may hide into the ground and lay in wait, others may become feral. Don't believe that lighting doesn't strike twice in the same spot as nothing is natural about this place.

BlacTheFall - Weather

Winter brings silence and peril as the black becomes white. Warming up becomes crucial, but you are not alone, as all things need fire to survive.

Use the environment to your advantage. Clever tactics allow you to pass, kill or avoid foes. When in need hide to escape. Make sure no one sees you when you do it.

Enemies can be obliterated in a fun and brutal combat. Take aim carefully as a well placed bullet can save you. When fighting you can chose from a wide variety of weapons. The loud ones inflict more damage but quickly reveal your presence. Silent takedowns are always an option when you don't want to leave a mark. Don't hesitate, if they escape you others may be alerted.
Clear your path using your trusty dynamite pack. If all hell brakes loose hold on to your gatling and don't stop shooting.

When all alone you might want to build your own friend. It might come in handy when fighting or solving puzzles.

We are still in early alpha with the prototype and only some of the features are live. It would be awesome to get some feedback from you on our project. Thank you!


I enjoyed it but mabey it was my computer but there was no mouse so it made it hard to aim

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Loving the screenshots, reminds me of limbo

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Black The Fall
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