Black Ice is a Hack and Shoot - a cyberpunk first person shooter / hack and slash rpg about hacking. Think Borderlands meets Tron. The cyber-world is procedurally generated, the colors are neon, the loot is randomized, and the lasers are loud. Black Ice is in Beta - you can try the demo right here!

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Feb 28th, 2014
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Let me ask you a question: Do you like railguns? Of course you do. Everyone likes railguns. This week introduces a new modular payload for the Rifle, Shotgun and Sniper weapons: The Railgun! Railgun shots pierce through everything, including buildings. Really, they're a bit OP. Have fun while you can, I'm probably going to have to nerf them.

Improvements & Changes:

  • Railgun projectile for the Rifle, Shotgun and Sniper weapons.
  • Level Requirements: Higher rarity items now have a minimum level required to equip them, up to 15 for Unique items. This text is displayed in red if you cannot equip the item.
  • Higher level buildings now always drop decent items. Breakpoints at Hack Difficulty 50, 125, and 250.
  • Sprint now grants you a visible buff for the duration
  • Teleport items now use the Sprint icon instead of the Jump icon, to better reflect how I think they should be used
  • Shoguns now display damage like this to make clear they shoot multiple projectiles: (2-3)x6
  • Lowered Aimbot damage slightly
  • The SHARK will now drop at least a Rare item, scaling with your Loot Find. No more easy uniques!
  • Players will now receive a reward for managing to climb on top of Finality.
  • Acid pools now do less damage
  • Popups will now tend to jump at the player's face instead of over her
  • Buildings outside of the spawn area will tend to be bigger, for a more convenient leveling curve

Bug Fixes:

  • Spider mines will drop from the player's position, like normal mines, instead of always spawning at 0 height
  • Mines no longer will drop through the floor
  • Items are all deactivated appropriately when the inventory is opened
  • Permaslow bug fixed (it was an interaction between Slowing enemies and Sprint items)
  • Swapping items from the deck to the inventory no longer causes trouble
  • Lasguns appropriately are not blocked by powerup sensor spheres
  • Buff timers now display properly
  • Selling all inventory items is no longer super loud
  • Buffs no longer affect you after you die (for real this time!)
  • Jump buildings no longer block shots much further outside than necessary
  • Charge Jumps are fixed
  • The Music player has been fixed
  • Shielding enemies should no longer cause a ton of lag

Any feedback or suggestions are always appreciated.

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Black Ice - Version 0.1.700 - Mac
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