Beyond The Lines

You are Floyd Bagis, a Union soldier in the middle of the American Civil War. A simple pull out past a Virginia has turned into the last stand for human life within America. Metallic monstrosities have poured out in seemingly endless numbers, and are attacking any man, woman, and child they find. Fight your way through a destroyed city and stop the threat of the Robots for good!

Good luck soldier!
MAPS- 28%
Demo Campaign HUB- 100%
Demo Campaign Town Square 1/2- 100%
Demo Campaign 1/3-50%
Demo Campaign 1-4-0%
Demo Campaign 1/5-0%
Demo Campaign 1/6-0%

Survival CHURCH- 90%

Survival IGNITION- 0%

WEAPONS- 26%(0%= Not Started/10%=Concept Drawn/25%= Modeled/ 50%= Modeled+Textured/ 75%=Modeled+Textured+Animated/ 100%=Modeled+Textured+Animated+Coded in)

Colt Rifle- 50%
Blunderbuss- 75%
Springfield- 30%
Pepper-box- 75%
Remmington Pistol- 100%
Henry RIfle- 100%
Shortround- 50%
Gatling gun- 50%
Clockwork Crossbow- 25%
Gearlock Rifle- 50%
Owens Automatic- 75%

ENEMIES- 20%(0%= Not Started/10%= Concept Drawn/25%= Modeled/50%= Modeled+Textured/ 75%=Modeled+Textured+Animated/100%=Modeled+Textured+Animated+Coded in)

Robot Slammer - 100% (Spawning must be fixed)Robot Shooter - 100%
Robot Roller - 0%
Robot Fortress - 15% (Model started, not finished)
Robot Artillery- 0%
Robot Officer- 0%
Foreman- 0%
CODE- No Estimate

Beyond The Lines team -
Scatterbox- Co-Leader, Programmer, Writer, Back-up Modeler
SeniorMeatbox - Co-leader, Mapper, Composer, Writer
Raditz - Texture Artist
SketchZap - Art Director
Jason - Animator
Jackson- Modeler
Lucifersam01- Animator

Voice Actors -

John Scotch- Role Open
Ensuel Jackobs- Tim N.
Maxwell Macque- Role Open
Jonathan Alloy- Role Open
Confederate Soldier- Senior Meatbox/Scatterbox
Union Soldier- Senior Meatbox/Scatterbox

We are looking for a Modelers, and texture artists so if you want to participate in the project, contact us! or via private message,and stay tuned for the constant bumping! =P

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RSS feed Articles

PSP Update + Release

5 months ago News 4 comments

Hello. A heads up, there has been quite a bad dispute among the team, and It doesn't look like it will be solved anytime soon.

Which means, as usual, We have no programmer for the game any longer. Since this obviously isn't going to miraculously change, We are going to release what we have, and drop the PSP version. Which means most of what was in the last update won't happen. I apologize for that, but nothing ever goes as planned.

In case someone here sees it and decides to work on it for themselves, We will also release the source code and everything used to work on the game.

Although the PSP version is being dropped, some members (Such as myself, the concept artist, the modeler, the animator, and Tim) Will keep trying to work on the game for a PC release. Keep in mind this will take a lot of time.


The release we have will feature-

A few maps, including test maps, campaign maps, and other bits and pieces

Three working weapons, the Henry Rifle, Pepperbox Pistol, and the Remington Revolver

Two Robots, the Shooter and Slammer. (Keep in mind they are a bit buggy)

Basic Atmosphere of the game

(Keep in mind the game is designed for Quake 1 player sizes and the player is currently Half Life size, so you will be tall)


The source code for the game will include, well, the source code. It will also include the textures that are used, along with the models, concept art, some unused maps, and other tools and objects that we have made so far. Don't be surprised if you find something finished but it's not in the game yet.

This will also include a Mapping Kit. In case you feel like mapping for it.

Screen Shots

Town Hall, with lighting, and the Henry Rifle!

Town Square, with a Slammer.

A weapons shop, in the Willmore District.

The front of the Town Hall, with a Shooter.

The Hub Area. Slightly broken.

Fun Fact, did you know that people were shorter back then? If you were 6 Ft. tall, you would be a giant!

The Start map, what is done anyways, and the Remington Revolver.

Here comes the sun, do do do do.

That is All for now. Enjoy what you have, Apologies for it being unfinished and some things being broken. We have had a lot of fun working on the PSP version of this, and I hope you can enjoy a brief glimpse of where we aim to go.

And once again, another project that Meatbox works on, crumbles to dust.

Change of (Game)Plans

Change of (Game)Plans

10 months ago News 12 comments

We have a little bit to talk about, here is a short update on what is to come.

Pre-Ignition Update

Pre-Ignition Update

1 year ago News 0 comments

This is a short update of what we have, and what is yet to come. There will also be some early game-play footage within this update.

Update # 5

Update # 5

1 year ago News 8 comments

Just a quick update on the progress made on the game. Nothing more, nothing less...

Update number 4!

Update number 4!

1 year ago News 9 comments

Welcome to update number 4! You might want to have some pretty hefty internet to view this one... we've get some images in store for ya!

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jastolze Feb 24 2014 says:

Look on the bright side: All of this arguing has brought the views to this moddb page to an all time high. xD

+2 votes     reply to comment
arasadusan Feb 24 2014 says:

People please stop flaming each other. For people who hate this,MAKE YOUR OWN GAME,or else,leave the page. I myself don't know how to make a game,so that's why i don't criticize games,unless if it doesn't been coded at all.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Gresh1234 Feb 24 2014 replied:

^ Hero

+1 vote     reply to comment
ladermom Feb 23 2014 says:

Game is awesome i dont want to be in it again but if i can i should do hud but other needs to animate it but IF!

+3 votes     reply to comment
jastolze Feb 23 2014 says:

I like trains.

+4 votes     reply to comment
dr_mabuse1981 Feb 23 2014 replied:

I like cars.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Creator
SeniorMeatbox Feb 23 2014 replied:

Cars were around in france the 1860s, and some rich people in the US had an automobile shipped to the US, so we may as well add one

-3 votes   reply to comment
DogeTek Feb 21 2014 says:

Beyond The Lines Hater Logic

Has no progress: Hate on game

Has some actual progress: Hates on game.


0 votes     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Creator
SeniorMeatbox Feb 20 2014 says:

Quick update everyone!
After a few days of nothing, we are back on track!
We have an animator now (not naming him, but he will join MODDB and skype)
We now have fixed DarkQuakePlus (According to Scatter)
The demo we have planned will have 3 battles instead of one ( 5 maps for the first one, 8 for the second and 4 for the third)
Due to popular demand we will add in a skirmish (its been removed from the Quartal engine, but its in DQ!)

Plus a bit of coincidence- Apparently the description peice (Assassination of Robert E Lee and other Confederate members) Actually DID take place as a failed attempt (one spy was captured, the rest of the soldiers ran off)So its still educational

Thats all for now! (No pictures but we will upload gameplay when we code in the animations)

+1 vote   reply to comment
ScatterBox Creator
ScatterBox Feb 2 2014 says:

Guys, can we please stop fighting in the game's page?

+3 votes   reply to comment
Gresh1234 Feb 5 2014 replied:

UFC: ModDB edition :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Creator
SeniorMeatbox Feb 7 2014 replied:

Union F***s Confederates, genius sequel idea!

-3 votes   reply to comment
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