You are Floyd Bagis, a Union soldier in the middle of the American Civil War. A simple pull out past Virginia has turned into the last stand for human life within America. Metallic monstrosities have poured out in seemingly endless numbers, and are attacking any man, woman, and child they find. Fight your way through a destroyed city and stop the threat of the Robots for good! Robotic Rebellion is a game set in the times of the American Civil War.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeler/UV Mapper at Seizure Salid

3d modeler/uv mapper seizure salid anywhere programmers hello! we here at seizurous salid are in dire need of a new 3d modeler/uv mapper! our projects, beyond the lines robotic rebellion (psp, pc, ios/android) and others (see links below) has been at a massive standstill due to our only modeler not having the time to show up. project- btl: rr d:rttw quartal- slender files we are very far behind schedule, and we need a temporary replacement modeler (who can uv map) that is skilled in blender/3dsmax. required skills- 1. skilled/decent at blender/3ds max 2. skilled/decent at uv mapping the models 3. good at hitting a low poly yet realistic mark with the models optional skills- 1. a sample model that may/may not have something to do with out game 2. a resume or example of your previous work must be shown 3. manners and seriousness we have a lot of concept art (picture below) that has been on the table for almost 3 months, and we cannot truly move on without them being brought into creation. any help is greatly appreciated, and we know we can trust the good community which all of us are apart of. note: this is not a paid position. please, do contact us at

Beyond the Lines:RR
Windows, PSP
Developer & Publisher
Seizure Salid
Custom Built
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