beem is a puzzle game based around directing a beam of light through targets and around obstacles to power a mysterious machine called the light engine. You can reflect, filter, and split light with a toolbox of mirrors, prisms, and crystal shards. so what's special about it? inside the light engine, a beam of light follows the laws of optical physics. reflect light at arbitrary angles - all 360 degrees of them! refract light into its component colors - and bring them back together! use light energy to power mechanical components to get parts moving again. what is the light engine? the light engine is an ancient and mysterious machine constructed deep in the surface of the planet. its primary function is unclear, but this only intrigues an explorer like yourself. delve into the darkness, and discover the secret of the light engine!

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Beem Released on Desura

Beem Released on Desura

Oct 10, 2012 0 comments

A puzzle game of directing a beam of light through targets and around obstacles to power the light engine.

Beem is now Leap Motion enabled!

Beem is now Leap Motion enabled!

Nov 26, 2013 0 comments

Beem is now supports integration with the Leap Motion controller. This nifty device allows you to play the game by waving your hands and pointing with...

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Released May 2012
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