Jump in and take command in a fight that spans six exotic worlds with diverse environments - from steaming, swampy jungles crawling with deadly creatures to rocky wastelands strewn with boiling lava pits to ruined cities half-buried in nuclear snow. Players start by building a base from which they command a force of armored vehicles, infantry, and aircraft through a series of exploratory, offensive and defensive missions. Gamers will drive a variety of tanks and walkers, pilot the scout ships, and even jump out and fight an evil and challenging alien enemy on foot. Each side will choose from an arsenal of powerful weapons including guided missiles, mortars, mines and bazookas. This revolutionary game is the sequel to 1998's Action Game of the Year (Computer Gaming World).

Complete Control Over the Battlefield - Command over 30 unique types of troops , including tanks, infantry, air support and mobile assault turrets. Finely tuned interface and gameplay improvements -- including all-new squad commands -- allow you to more intuitively manage resources, execute full-scale attacks and identify strategic locations without missing a second of the hard-driving action.

Advanced AI - Units learn and gain experience as they kill enemies -- new units fight like raw recruits while experienced units will save you in tight situations. Intelligent AI allows enemies and friends to strafe, choose the right weapon for the current situation, retrieve ammo and health in combat, and even run away.

Explore a Fully Interactive "Living" World - Interact with the planets' freely roaming wildlife thanks to an enhanced graphics system. Sophisticated physics models support a whole new range of tracked, hovering, and walking, in addition to realistic environmental effects.

Amazing Graphics - Taking full advantage of the Intel Pentium III processor and 3D hardware enhancements, the unparalleled graphics of Battlezone II bring new worlds to life with fully explorable environments, incredibly fast frame-rates and stunning custom 3D effects; including multiple lens flairs, specular lighting, water ripple effects, localized ground fog, and volumetric lighting.

Tackle Full-Scale 3D Action - Lose your vehicle in the heat of battle, bail out, parachute to safety, and call for someone to pick you up. Customize or switch vehicles right on the battlefield, all while wielding over 25 deadly weapons, including guided missiles, mortars and mines.

Advanced Multiplayer Options - In addition to the original Battlezone's highly successful deathmatch (shooter-style) and strategy (RTS-style) multiplayer game modes, Battlezone II introduces new team play. Different people can have different roles - builder, defenders, attackers - and communicate with each other quickly and easily through the integrated command interface. New "lock step" anti-cheat measures have also been added to ensure the integrity of the game.

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QF: (working title) will continue where QF2 left off.

As Rachel would say: "You think that you can wipe out an entire civilisation without consequences?"

Here is a quick test-map preview of the new (but incomplete) hover physics:

QF2 - Essence to a Thief Released

QF2 - Essence to a Thief Released

1 year ago News 0 comments

A total-conversion fan-sequel for Battlezone II: Combat Commander with high definition graphics, new physics and tonnes of new and unprecedented features...

QF2 - E2AT: Trailer 1 - Battlezone II

QF2 - E2AT: Trailer 1 - Battlezone II

2 years ago News 1 comment

The first trailer for QF2: Essence to a Thief, the total-conversion sequel to QF Mod for Battlezone II.

QF2 - Essence to a Thief

QF2 - Essence to a Thief

2 years ago News 1 comment

A total conversion mod for Battlezone II: Combat Commander. Save the people of Akaifa from the Wwerlna menace! Coming in late 2013...

State of the Mod #2 - Maps

State of the Mod #2 - Maps

5 years ago BZII Unofficial Expansion Pack 3 comments

A general overview of how the BZII Unofficial Expansion Pack is going. Please tell us what you think, maybe that will help urge some of our members to...

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QF2 - E2AT v1.0 - Installer

QF2 - E2AT v1.0 - Installer

1 year ago QF2 - Essence to a Thief - Battlezone II Full Version 28 comments

This is the first release of QF2: Essence to a Thief.

Sniper reticle dxt fix.

Sniper reticle dxt fix.

2 years ago QF Mod Patch 0 comments

Extract qsnipret.dxtbz2 to your 'addon' folder to fix the sniper rifle reticle dxt error.



2 years ago QF Mod Patch 2 comments

This will repair the 'modder please make DXT pink/green texture error'. Extract all of the files to BZ2's 'addon' folder. This does not fix the sniper-rifle...

3ds Max XSI Bone Envelope Export Script

3ds Max XSI Bone Envelope Export Script

3 years ago BZ2 Community Project 2 Modelling Tool 2 comments

Utilizing this script it is possible to export bone to vertex envelopes for the creation of vertex animations such as Scion Morphing.

Unofficial Expansion Pack Public Beta Installer

Unofficial Expansion Pack Public Beta Installer

4 years ago BZII Unofficial Expansion Pack Full Version 2 comments

Installer for the UEP Public Beta. Download and install to your Battlezone II directory. Made for BZ2 Public Beta

Post comment Comments  (10 - 20 of 42)
SpectreBattlezone Sep 24 2012 says:

Get Battlezone 1 at battlezone1.com. Game Installer and Multiplayer server provided free by Battlezone1.com. Join the Official Battlezone Group on Steam!

-3 votes     reply to comment
johnstar145 Feb 19 2013 replied:

hmm, is battlezone 1 good? as well as battlezone 2?
and does it have a mod?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Nielk1 Sep 25 2012 replied:

It is illegal to distribute any Battlezone game as none are free, even BZ1. Also, funneling people to a version that only uses a personal game matching server that bans anyone not liked by the owner is pretty lame.

+5 votes     reply to comment
SpectreBattlezone Sep 25 2012 buried:


utter nonsense. NO ONE is banned at battlezone1.com, and battlezone 1 is COMPLETELY legal to download. It is adandonware, Atari and Activision are both fully aware of us and have no problem whatsoever with us supporting their game. Save the Drama for yer Mama kid! BZ is for the players, not the crybabies!

-6 votes     reply to comment
Nielk1 Sep 25 2012 replied:

For those so concerned, note the banned status of this user.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Drogoth May 6 2012 says:

damn, this game sure brings up some memories, one of my favourites during that time

+5 votes     reply to comment
TheUnknownM Apr 30 2011 says:

This game is so old
but so fun

+5 votes     reply to comment
General_Hoohah Apr 21 2011 says:

I just found out that the BZ2 community product boards are dead. This is a sad day indeed. I hoped they'd reboot them, and get rid of all the members who cause problems.... but something happened, and the board is just gone now, deleted. :( What happened to all the community updates? The maps? All the mods? I suppose I'll have to eventually turn over every rock on the net to find them all. This blows. Again that community has struck a blow to this game. This is a real shame. :( This makes me sick. I really hope someone backed up all that stuff.

+3 votes     reply to comment
General_Hoohah Jun 17 2011 replied:

Turns out they did exactly what I said they should do earlier in here, and started the boards over again for the community updates. The forum seems calmer now. I don't see it getting out of hand like it was before and the community updates are still coming! Good news! I'm very happy about this. :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
Stargate4Life Mar 5 2011 says:

Can someone make a modern mod for it such as the tanks and helicopters we have today? That would be awesome or a gundam mod like previously suggested

+2 votes     reply to comment
General_Hoohah Feb 7 2011 says:

I honestly believe 100% that this game would be popular again if two things were done.

A. Fix the memory leaks. They keep adding new stuff to it and improving it, but they never solve the core issue with this game in the community updates... AND THEY HAVE A CODER FROM THE ORIGINAL DEV TEAM working on the update, and this has been going on for YEARS. So why has this never been fixed? YEARS... think about that.

B. Restart the Battlezone Community Project Boards over again and kick out all the immature childish egotistical **** heads who ruin it for everyone else, or worse ban people "because they don't like them". I was creating all kinds of incredible vehicle model designs, testing, working on a map, creating textures, skins, working with the community patch team and a modder... but I couldn't stand some people in the community. It eventually got so bad, I told them off, and never went back. That was a few years ago... probably longer.

I still believe in this game, but many members of the BZ Community Project Boards are totally ruining any chance this game has. I really hope someone does something about it, but no one probably will. :(

There are so many obnoxious egotistical immature twats in that community, its just ridiculous. I regret not finishing the projects I was involved with, but I couldn't stand being around some of those people. Some of them were okay, nice guys... but a lot of other people ruined it, some worse than others. I think the fact that they allowed so many kids in the modding scene had a lot to do with it.

+5 votes     reply to comment
General_Hoohah Feb 8 2011 replied:

And by the way yes, I give this game a score of Perfect 10, only because this game has an ENORMOUS amount of potential and is packed with beautiful hand crafted maps. The maps are so open ended, you can go anywhere you want, attack from any direction, there's wildlife, entire echo systems rich with numerous plant life, many different environments, the music is good, the hover craft physics are great.

Most of all the environments in this game are breathtaking works of art, consisting of hand painted maps rich with color and detail. Some consisting of brilliant oranges and yellows, lit by sun sets are just phenomenal, while others are beautiful lush green atmospheres with crystal blue water, or even a snowy tundra with icebergs and a brilliant sky. I've also seen environments that are dark and brooding but still very rich in color and detail. If you have an appreciation for this kind of thing, this is DEFINITELY a game for you. The shear number of environments, incredible skies, and the beauty of each environment had me roaming around enjoying every inch of each map the first time I played this game.

But seriously... the Battlezone Community Project Boards need to be completely overhauled, in terms of what kind of people they allow in there and who is allowed to be involved in the projects they busy themselves with. Some of them are enough to drive you up the wall, yanking your hair out, until you can't take it anymore and run away screaming. I've heard a lot of horror stories and I personally have had many bad encounters with that community. I just stay away now completely, and I blame them for ruining such a great game that I used to enjoy so much.

+3 votes     reply to comment
voletgundam Sep 26 2010 says:

I love this game and do it by the rules
If I can make a request to those who make mods for this game
Please make a Gundam MOD for Battlezone 2 Combat Commander!!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Zedrion Dec 17 2010 replied:

i would love to make a mech mod for this and have mechs that resemble gundams. it would make for a great combined arms mecha game.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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Incredible game, and a worthy thought... possibly confusing, sequel to the original Battlezone released the later 90's, which made ground breaking innovations in the world of gaming, getting near perfect scores in every gaming magazine it was featured in. Still one of the best games ever made. BZII is a little different and a little more modern, with a story that can go in two different directions, and a community that still thrives and is still making patches for the game. The game it self though…

Dec 4 2010 by General_Hoohah

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