BattleTanks II is a combination action/strategy tank combat game where you can battle against up to 3 other teams of computer-controlled tanks, in one of 5 unique battlefields. BattleTanks II features three tank types to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There are many ways to win a war in BattleTanks II. If you like being the commander of your army, you can sit back away from the action, directing your army’s actions strategically. However, if you prefer action, there’s nothing stopping you from helping your tanks out and join the fight. You can make sneak attacks, massive assaults, try weakening your enemy with artillery, and much more. John Judnich is the creator of this game.

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Battle Tanks 2 Return Apocalypse
Battletanks II

100% - Battle Tanks 2 Return Apocalypse

1 year ago Released Feb 28, 2014 Single Player Combat Sim

Considerable fashions in which many things from classic Battle tanks 2 will change considerably. Here I decided to add the great number of new models...

BattleTanks II Extended
Battletanks II

38% - BattleTanks II Extended

1 year ago Released 2012 Single Player Combat Sim

This mod aims to add in much more content than the original game, including new sounds, fx, textures, maps, GUI, HUD and of course, new tanks. It will...

Battletanks 2 TITANS
Battletanks II

50% - Battletanks 2 TITANS

1 year ago Released 2012 Single Player Arcade

This is a battletanks 2 modification and my first full mod it ads the ww2 titans to battletanks 2 enjoy.

Military Commander
Battletanks II

90% - Military Commander

4 years ago TBD Single Player Combat Sim

Mod by: Kentleigh English I plan to turn this game upside down It won't even look like the same game when I'm done.

Battletanks II
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