Battlepaths is a loot-centric and addictive 2D-RPG featuring neat monster hacking, an excellent loot system, and great variety in character development. Learn special skills, use powerful potions, and hunt down the Chaos Overlord. The game offers dozens of hours of gameplay, three big realms to explore, and a challenge realm that lets you test your might. Available on Xbox Live Indie Games and Windows PC.

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Looking forward to the new update guys! (Games : Battlepaths : Forum : General : Looking forward to the new update guys!) Locked
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Nov 6 2012 Anchor

Things I've heard that are coming out:

Level cap raised to 32
Possibly will show Physical resistance in the resistances, so it would look something like 85/85/85/65
Base Stat Max increased from 19 to 20.

Chaos Hammer(Only thing I know of so far!)

e/ just saw this on their Facebook page:

Fixing of a "Code 4" error which caused the game to crash if you were holding/pressing LB while returning through a wormhole.
Will be clarification that Physical resistance is NOT included when an armor/item says "+15% to all resistances"
Will be maps for all realms

Anybody else have any suggestions/ideas for this update or up and coming ones?

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Nov 7 2012 Anchor

Also, the requirements of the items will be available (if one wants so) even if you meet them.
This is good if you want to loot items for new characters.

And as far as I know, some special kind of items (maybe the Superior Grand Chaos xxx-items) will be only
available if you kill the BIG BIG Boss (not the Chaos Lord on chapter 3).
In the versions below 1.4 you don't really get something special for beating that really hard enemy in the last chamber of the Bonus-Levels...

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