The Battlefield franchise enters a new era equipped with more firepower, modernized weaponry and vehicles, and a deeper infantry experience from the jungles to the beaches of Vietnam. From villages on the Ho Chi Minh Trail to the city streets of Hue wage modern warfare as the United States or North Vietnamese Army (NVA).



Apr 20, 2015 2 comments

:: FORCEPACK PLATINUM OFFICIAL :: 25 Custom Battles for both Single & Multiplayer Online Coop. Covering the first US involvement "Operation White Star...

Eve of Destruction v0.16 released !

Eve of Destruction v0.16 released !

Sep 16, 2010 Eve Of Destruction 5 comments

Eve of Destruction v0.16 full client and server released !

PoE News #130 - PoE v1.0 Released

PoE News #130 - PoE v1.0 Released

Jun 9, 2009 Point of Existence 0 comments

Release of PoE v1.0 for Battlefield Vietnam, now featuring COOP support in almost all our maps.

PoE News #129

PoE News #129

Apr 16, 2009 7 comments

Point of Existence 2 has been in development for over four years now. We feel it is time to announce that we are ceasing active development for the Battlefield...

Working on Release

Working on Release

Sep 4, 2006 Time in Country 1 comment

Thought it might be good to see progress. Below you see the explosion for the gasoline storage tanks in the Esso Depot Map. Some represent spawn points...

Esso Depot Map

Esso Depot Map

Aug 22, 2006 Time in Country 2 comments

Work is progressing on the Esso Depot map. Recently completed activities involve the Sampan spawn and assignment of spawns to main storage tanks which...

XBF:V SE movie released

Nov 30, 2005 Xtreme Battlefield :V - Stunt Edition 1 comment

XBF:V SE movie out now!(Battlefield Vietnam) Download the XBF:V SE Movie at Fileplanet: Click Here I made this movie with old video's I still had...

Tiberian Aftermath's Massive Update

Tiberian Aftermath's Massive Update

Aug 9, 2005 Tiberian Aftermath 1 comment

Hey all you gamers out there! We here at Tiberian Aftermath have some exiting news to share with you all! First, We have offically announced our porting...

Update 34

Update 34

May 27, 2005 Point of Existence 1 comment

New Website! As well as new forums. Welcome to the new facelift for the Point of Existence modification. This new website and forums is to bring us into...

Announcing new army and weapons for 0.4

Apr 16, 2005 Point of Existence 2 comments

It’s update time once again and boy do we have a big one today. However, before we get to that Point of Existence is currently hiring staff in the positions...

BushWar Pending Release

Nov 27, 2004 BushWar 0 comments

BushWar is proud to announce that it is pending release of our fourth version of BushWar (Third for Battlefield Vietnam). v0.35 is scheduled for release...

EoD 0.1 Client Released!

EoD 0.1 Client Released!

Oct 25, 2004 Eve Of Destruction 0 comments

Today the Eve of Destruction Mod Team has released the 0.1 Client build for public Download. You can grab a copy at the Mirrorspage. MIRRORS Just a short...

Insurrection 1776 0.25

Oct 20, 2004 Insurrection 1776 0 comments

0.25 is here to fix bugs and make online play 10 times smoother and more fun Unfortunetly there can't be a small patch since basically every part...

Insurrection 1776 0.2 Released!

Oct 17, 2004 Insurrection 1776 0 comments

The Insurrection 1776 mod team is pleased to release their latest public offering for us to enjoy. This new version has a bunch of new features and some...

1776 Update

Sep 16, 2004 Insurrection 1776 2 comments

Quick Little Briefing-- In order: Pic 1 shows a new 18lb Garrison cannon and its new smoke effect Pic 2 shows the Blunderbuss or "n00b t00b" that has...

Insurrection 1776 mapping files

Sep 6, 2004 Insurrection 1776 0 comments

Release closing in -- Lets see some maps We have put together a pretty cool little pack of statics for all interested mappers out there. As opposed to...

New DoC skins

Jul 25, 2004 Dominions of Conquest 0 comments

Hey all, just wanted to show of some more skins brought to you by Airibis. These ones are of the english and frank lance and the viking spear, have a...

Dominions of Conquest skins

Jul 22, 2004 Dominions of Conquest 1 comment

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that DoC hasnt dropped off the face of the earth. Here are some new skins brought to us courtesy of Airibis. Check...

Dominions of Conquest update

Jul 7, 2004 Dominions of Conquest 0 comments

Hey all, the DoC team has been working hard to crank out new models and content for the mod. Were making decent progress right now and we just got a pile...

Insurrection 1776 Public Alpha Release

Jul 4, 2004 Insurrection 1776 0 comments

This public release is intended to show the community how the gameplay will feel, and to give Battlefield Vietnam players a new mod to toy around with...

Dominions of Conquest update

Jul 2, 2004 Dominions of Conquest 0 comments

Dominions of Conquest has big news today. We merged with the Battlefield 1242 mod. Now progress will go a lot faster and we'll be having lots of updates...

Dominions of Conquest update

Jun 25, 2004 Dominions of Conquest 2 comments

The Dominions of Conquest mod recently changed hosts. Our new website is The team has been hard at work cranking out models and putting things in game...

Good news for all you PoE fans

Mar 26, 2004 Point of Existence 1 comment

First up, we have some renders of the "Accuracy International AE Sniper Rifle" which was Modelled by Fipoch and skinned by Devil , and we also have a...

Point Of Existence Update

Mar 16, 2004 Point of Existence 7 comments

We have some very exciting things to show you today! Our coders have been working overtime to get things in game, and I'm glad to say that it's payed...

Point Of Existence

Mar 13, 2004 Point of Existence 4 comments

today we have some very exciting stuff to show you. F22 Raptor Model by PimpDaddy Skin by Radobe, Rah66 comanche, Model/skin by radobe. And the The 92F...

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