Bad Company 2 brings the award-winning Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of PC gaming with best-in-class vehicular combat and unexpected "Battlefield moments". New vehicles like the ATV and a transport helicopter allow for all-new multiplayer tactics on the Battlefield, and with the Frostbite Destruction 2.0 system, you can take down entire buildings and create your own fire points by blasting holes through cover.

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Terrible and not
let's see.
Campaign: The longest campaign I've seen, and that's good because we can use VEHICLES in campaign, while it has a lot of action.
(PC)Well... this game is unoptimized. I've 20-40 fps with NVIDIA 8600 and 300-500 PING IN THE GAME. Interesting.. in GTA and BF2 I have 30-100 ping.. and this game....

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the direct sequel to Bad Company 1, but it fails to live up to BC 1's great moments.

Story: BC 2 takes place after BC and has the boys going on another crazy set of missions all over the place. The problem is they tied it in with a group of WW2 commandos, which for me just made me lose interest. The game tried to take itself to seriously and BC 1's cheap comedy is what really made it a fun game.

Gameplay: The game basically plays the same as its predecessor. Everything blows up, everything has a grenade launcher.

Multiplayer: While a lot of people enjoy this, I really don't. The multiplayer is very dry and usually envolves you charging with an XM8 at a Recon with an M9 and dying after unloading a magazine into their face. The vehicles often make deathmatch horribly unbalanced forcing you to die a couple of times while firing five or so RPG rounds into it. Another issue is the knife. It is just like Call of Duty's except it doesn't work. You can knife at somebody all day, but unless you get that really lucky hit, the enemy is bound to stab you first.

Graphics: This is really the only high point for me. The graphics are pretty good. The characters are very well detailed and as is the world. My only big issue is the view model of the weapons. Your character basically has the stock through their shoulder so the trigger is right next to your face.

Summary: Bad Company 2 failed as a sequel for me. Gameplay was dry and didn't share BC1's humour. Multiplayer is ridden with ridiculous deaths leaving you annoyed and wondering why you are playing this and not Battlefield 3 or even Call of Duty. If you're looking for something to pass the time, go for it. If you want something to enjoy, you are better off buying something else.

I think this game is much better made but I lose immense respect for it by basically stooping down to the level of call of duty by trying to directley compete with it. the game is still about gun attachments and unlocks.

Also Medics with machine guns.

If DICE and EA had of just ignored Call of duty, and just made their game WITHOUT Trying to 1UP the last Game from Activision it would have seemed so less trollish.

I dont really like EA anymore, but your time will come friends. Activision is doing the same thing to Call of duty as they did to Guitar hero, As popular as it is right now, it's days are numbered

In the meantime. I still think that Call of duty will outsell BF3. 90% Of the customer base are Console idiots, and 90% of those console idiots dont have the patience to play on a map that's any larger than a football field. they just want to wander around aimlessly and shoot things.

I'm getting both games, But I'm not supporting you, or them. in this little ******* match

Good luck DICE, EA. Heres hoping you dont stab us in the back.

but somehow I feel you already have
*Cough Mod tools pulled, Telling Us we're not smart enough to use them, Cough*

Single player
- short, very short
- story, characters
- gameplay
- AI

Multi player
+ no prone
+/- cool FFA before patches
+/- better hitbox then BF2 but still worst then let say RtCW
+/- yes BC2 is better then MW2, BO (but this means nothing becoz MW2 and BO are shity)
- no mods support
- no clan support (not listening to clan community)
- no demos, cfg, pbss (that mean hard to track and ban cheaters)
- patches destroy gameplay
- release game with few overpower gun mean no proper beta testing

- EA dont rly care about cheaters, no ban for CDKEY they just erase stats.

Overall best consol port, congratulations …

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