Battlefield 2 invades the high-tech frontlines of modern warfare. The game brings the intensity and excitement of Battlefield 1942 into the modern era with enhanced team play and the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man.

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A game with staying power. Definitely a classic.

One of my favourite retail games.. I really like the whole communication system and the maps are so good! There's also a ranking system which forces you to try out every kit, which is a big +. Also, thanks EA for releasing the booster packs + special forces for free, beacause those server were slowly dying. I don't think this game needs a big review, as almost everyone of you must have heard of this..

2 things that I don't like that much:
Hitboxes: If you're sniping while sitting behind a teammate there's a BIG chance you'll hit him, even though the crosshair isn't pointed at his body..
Punkbuster: It almost makes overlay (Steam/VOIP-software) impossible to use as it kicks you when it's detected.. A real shame.

It runs well on nearly all recent systems and I'd recommend you to buy it.

Still a good game to play, And a lovely community

Incredible game, the online gameplay is the best.

One of the best games in the Battlefield series. 64 player online gaming with dozens of weapons and vehicles, everything from pistols and assault rifles to tanks and jet fighters.

It's soon a classic but it's still better than the most Call of Duty's out there. Battlefield 2 is a masterpiece when it comes to video game warfare. The singleplayer isn't as fun as the multiplayer, but it's still great. Choose your class and then throw yourself into the battlefield. The maps are so big that sometimes it takes a lot of time to get around by foot, but that's just realistic.

The graphics are starting to get outdated, but way not ugly or annoying, it wont bother you at all.

Large-scale tactical shooting at its best. The Battlefield series emerged in the days when run-and-gun deathmatch shooters were all the rage. Suddenly, teamwork, strategy and using your head were more important that shooting everything that moved and it made for an interesting and unique gaming experience. Battlefield 2 expanded and perfected that formula, and as a result became one of the most memorable shooters of all time.

Great game when using teamwork with friends, otherwise it's around a 7. I can't wait for Battlefield 3!

Except for the lack of maps in singleplayer and factions, the game is great. An anecdote: Im playing, then i die and the countdown appears, i hear footsteps come closer and more closer and ¡presto! ¡im back!, i looking around and see ¡¡¡a medic, was my savior!!! WOW. Sorry, too long, but im saying that, the AI of medic was awesome in this game and the ammo troopers also (this don't signifique that the AI was perfect, but was very impressed see this things).

Really good game.

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