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St.Nazaire:British Commandos against German Shipyard Personell, added 12
destroyers, 2 german batlleships, the port, coast guard, lookouts,
artillery emplacements, docks and hangars, 5 airfields.

St.Nazaire is an big map with new capabillities and destruction adventures.

Black Balkan: Allied Commandos Jumps over Danube River and disables the
Castle and nearby dam, german soldiers are guarding the dam. Added
Auto-Pilot Controlled C-47 and Lancasters but spawnable soldier point,
AAA Artillery, Shock troops equipment, gas masks, dam building,
refinery, riverine boats and ships, a couple of tanks and Yugoslav
Partisan Attack but they are the auto-controlled dummies, ten
messershmits and three airfields with buildings. Black Balkan is an big
map with new real world simulation tactics and first person shooter
adventurers destruction event.

New York V-3 Attack: German Spies were established a strong spynet in
the late 1939 so they can operate and sabotage through United States of
America, American OSS and FBI had a big troubles with the German Abwehr
through the war. Project America started when the scientists and
politicians in Berlin took a conversations with the Luftwaffe high
ranking personell how to attack an long range target and how to destroy
the Allied long range city. The Project America started when the one
scientist Wherner von Braun developed the V-1 and V-2 long range rocket
and started to pound the London, but that rocket was unable to attack
USA. Politicians and scientists given the light and signal to start the
Project America and von Braun had a free hands to develop a V-3
Intercontinental Ballistic Space Rocket Missile that can attack the
whole world in one hour. In March, 16.1943 the first test was initiated
and completed succesfully, the rocket was launched from Peenemunde and
fallen somewhere in France, but she was in space for 1 minute. In 1944
has Operation America, the mission was to place an radio beacon on the
top of skyscraper for better guidance of the rocket. Abwehr contacted
his personell in the USA and equipment to them was delivered by
Submarine, but their message was intercepted by MIS and NIS, after
receiving the message FBI and OSS started to hunt the engineers, spies
and scientists who recieved the equipment for guidance. Some of them
killed or captured by Allied Agents. The Peenemunde was completelly
destroyed in late 1944 in Operation Crossbow. OSS and FBI against Abwehr
and Submarines, added New York city Buildings, skyscrapers, cars, Naval
Militia Auto-Dummies marching in the city, Realistic sounds. New York
V-3 is an big map that features realistic and historic part of history
that is not featured in Battlefield 1942 games. Wildfire and Adventure
Similation abillity.

Red Star: Soviet Airborne supported by the Russian Partisans, mission
takes place in Ukraine near Kharkow before tank battle in 1942. Added
Tupolev Auto-Pilot Spawnable Plane, riverine boats, buildings, bunkers,
some horses and cows, farms, artillery posts and airfields, the mission
takes place during winter. The mission is to capture the railway station
and to destroy the airfield and the incoming auto-controlled armoured
train. Red Star map is an medium sized map that provides real war
simulation and partisan-commandos battle, play it with full fun and

Makin Raid: Four submarines, 120 men and mission of destruction the
Japanese supply routes and nearby airfields on Makin Atoll. Added
Nautilus Spawn Point, Argonaut, two other submarines, Japanese Air
Support Attacks the Submarines when the Island is destroyed, airfield,
artillery posts, bunkers, radio antenna and radio stations, you must
attack the Japanese undetected because if you are spotted by the
Auto-Pilot Zeroes the mission is lost. Makin Raid is an Big map with
historicall intent and adventure.

Belgrade Nightmare: 64 Allied paratroopers, 12 german pilots and 400
hundred auto-pilot bombers hammer the city of Belgrade. Added Belgrade
infrastructure, airfields, german aircraft, black camo for commandos,
German HQ in the city, Hotels, Caffe Bars, AAA posts, Civilian
auto-controlled dumies.

Belgrade Nightmare is an big map that shows an extraordinary assault by
the Allies that takened by the surprise the civilians of Belgrade on the
Night on Orthodox Easter in 1944, only 12 german pilots survived the
battle and mission was succesfull by the Allies. This map is for the
adventurers and war tehnicians.

Battle of Neretva: Yugoslav Partisans against well-equipped and
barrel-hardened Germans and the whole colaborationist armies. Partisans
needs to cross the river and then blew it up, but the objective of this
map is to destroy the Colonel Kranzer`s Armoured Column, the British
Lancasters are flying overhead and dropping the bombs on the german
positions. Added Auto-Pilot Lancasters, airfields, River Neretva
Infastructure, Partisan clothing, Partisans gets an artillery post when
capture the city of Prozor, Italians and collaborationist Forces are the
Auto-Controlled Dumies and they only running not shooting, added
Partisan Air Force. Battle of Neretva is a very big map with the
altitude of 2000 meters and it is for historicall adventurers.

Battle of Prozor: Tito`s orders are clear, this night Prozor must fall
(Prozor noćas mora Pasti), the Partisans are attacking the Italian HQ
based city, the Italians don`t have the support and the germans unable
to be there in time. Partisan support heavy artillery and howitzers,
Allied bombing of nearby cities, 20 000 of Partisans, but in game only
64 and Italians also 64. Added Pak 40 for the Partisans, Pak 40 Italian,
Partisan captured Tankette, Italian Tankette, some horses that can be
driven, Hetzer Howitzer, T-26 Soviet Light Tank, Stuka Bomber, ME-109,
Marketti Bomber, Shermans and Stuart.

Battle of Prozor is an very big map with realistic simulation of true events and historic update.

The Bridge: France, 15.6.1944, nine days after Normandy Landings the Allies are foothold on Beaches.

The small german unit is in air and they are ready to jump from an JU-52
over Normandy, the mission of jumps is to jump over the Douves and Orne
river to destroy one bridge until the arrivall of reinforcements, the
best unit for this mission is commando unit commanded by Otto Skorzeny
and when they capture the opposite bridge and when is established the
clear crossing then you will be reinforced with the 2nd SS Panzer
Division auto-controlled by computer, if you failed the mission the
Allied Mustangs and B-17 will be spawned in the map and you will be
scattered all over the place. This map is based on the original
Battlefield 1942 map Bocage, so we also added the 2nd Panzer Division.

Added JU-52 auto-pilot aircraft, Otto Skorzeny Uniform, 101.Airborne
Division, B-17 and Mustangs auto-controlled by PC, Sherman tanks,
Artilllery Telemetric Binoculars , Machine gun nests, Artilllery Command
Posts, Sniper Rifles, TNT.

Austrian America: SAS against german UFO facilities in Austria, part of project america facility.

Added C-47, B-17 and Mustangs, german airfield, heavy anti-aircraft
artillery, SS units, Yugoslav Partisan Border and Hideout. Austrian
America is an very big map for adventurers and who like historically
based war simulation battles.

Target is Takao: British pocket submarines launched from their mothers
submarines conducts an commando-mining destruction bussiness of Japanese
Battleship Takao. Added two mother submarines and two pocket
submarines, Singapore infrastructure, merchant ships, artillery posts
and harbor, nearby airfield. Target is Takao is an very big map made it
for Naval adventurers.

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Any chance this is still going to be released?

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Who can tell me how to download it.
I'm a Chinese high school student,my English isn't well, translation software always make mistake with grammer.

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can not download,my god

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Yeah where is the download link? D:

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it's a expansion. so no download or you have to buy or download torrent

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it's free expansion made by the games fans (well some)

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Download link?

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There is no download at the monment.Its a expansion.

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