Battle of Tau Ceti is a team-based multiplayer space combat game. Players pilot ships ranging from small one-man fighters to huge six player battleships or join their crew as a gunner and take command of one of its turrets. Fight the enemy for control over sectors allowing your team to collect resources which you’ll use to buy bigger, more powerful ships. Shoot down enemies, capture territory, and ultimately destroy the enemy flagship!


  • 8 (multi)player controlled ships with unique weapons loadouts - plus 5 non-player ships.
  • Procedurally generated sector layouts and types (Asteroid Field, Dust Cloud, Gravity Well).
  • 8 ship ability modules for customization and strategic play.
  • Fully multiplayer battles that support games of varying sizes.
  • In-game text and voice chat.
  • Customizable controls (keyboard/mouse, joystick, and gamepad supported!).

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2 comments by Codestar on Mar 11th, 2015

After over three years of development, much deliberation, and an awesome trip to GDC I have finally decided to pull the trigger on trying to get BoTC published as an indie game on Steam!

Also, here’s a brand new trailer to get hyped up!

Now hit the BoTC Greenlight Page and VOTE! Spread the word and if you are so inclined tell me what you think by tweeting me (@CodestarDev). I’d love to hear what you like and what could be improved - after all, it’s still a work in progress.

It takes mere seconds to go vote, no excuses!


With your help, I’ll see you on the Steam battlefield!

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Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 - Linux

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 - Linux

Sep 3, 2014 Demo 0 comments

This is the Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 release for Linux. **** WARNING UNTESTED ****

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 - Mac OSX

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 - Mac OSX

Sep 3, 2014 Demo 0 comments

This is the Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 release for Mac OSX.

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 Dedicated Server

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 Dedicated Server

Sep 3, 2014 Server 0 comments

This is the Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 Dedicated Server for Windows.

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 - Windows

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 - Windows

Sep 3, 2014 Demo 0 comments

This is the Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.4 release for Windows.

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.3 - Linux

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.3 - Linux

Aug 13, 2014 Demo 0 comments

This is the Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.3 release for Linux. **** WARNING UNTESTED ****

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.3 - Mac OSX

Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.3 - Mac OSX

Aug 13, 2014 Demo 0 comments

This is the Battle of Tau Ceti Alpha 0.4.3 release for Mac OSX.

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Guest Jul 17 2014, 2:02pm says:

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Codestar Creator
Codestar Jul 30 2014, 11:30am replied:

If you start a game that you want others to connect to, all you have to do is create the server and it will automatically show up in the browser for anyone else.

I appreciate you mentioning the turret bug, I think I know what you're talking about and it should be an easy fix to get into the next build.

Hyperspacing between sectors is the most confusing thing and I definitely plan to address that. As MurcDusen mentioned, to jump to another sector, you just need to aim at it while holding the hyper charge button until it fills up.


+1 vote   reply to comment
MurcDusen Jul 17 2014, 3:28pm replied:

Host IP should be useful, netcode is whacky yet and I'm not too sure whether every personally hosted game shows up in the browser. Best is you just join the dedicated 24/7 server, especially on Wednesdays 9PM EST, as there are public playtests held there with the dev (not too good a time for European sadly, should be about Thursday 0AM to 3AM or something depending on where you live...).

Never seen that turret bug before, gonna test that out.

I'm not too sure what your question about jumping is, but hyperjumps generallly just work from one sector to any sector with a clear line of sight. You just aim at a sector and hold your hyperdrive key until the drive is charged, then you'll automatically jump to that sector. The HC (Hyperspace Capacitor?) just lets you jump instantly when you use it, no charging required.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ChickenDelight May 17 2014, 2:02am says:

OK, two questions
1. Will this game be free when it is fully released?
2. Do you know what the system requirements are for this game?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Codestar Creator
Codestar May 17 2014, 10:43am replied:

1. No concrete plans so far but expect it not to be. That said, all the alpha versions (now and in the future) will all be completely free.

2. I don't have specifics since I haven't done any true benchmarking but the requirements are pretty minimal. On the plus side, if you have any doubts the latest alpha build is available to try out right now. It even has an FPS counter built in (minus key by default)!

+2 votes   reply to comment
Petroph May 6 2014, 1:41am says:

I'm loving this game. Though my only beef atm is that for some reason with AI, they WILL NOT for the life of me use the turrets on the Artillery Frigate. They worked for awhile, but now, they just cease to work on my end. They'll for for the rest of the other AI ships friend or foe. But not for me. So either I pressed a button that I shouldn't have pressed or something is glitched out in a config file that shouldn't have been glitched. I tried reinstalling sort to speak, but seeing as I have no idea where the config files are saved locally, it doesn't do anything.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Codestar Creator
Codestar May 7 2014, 11:53am replied:

Glad you're liking it so far! The Artillery turrets not firing under AI control is definitely a bug and not a config issue. I've noticed it before myself but fixing it will require some dedicated digging to figure out what the problem is since the same code controls all AI turrets and only one ship has issues.

I'll make sure to work on this for the next build, thanks!

+2 votes   reply to comment
Petroph May 8 2014, 12:27pm replied:

Ya, turrets on all other ships work fine. It may be something just related to the artillery ship alone. They used to work, however, now they do not, can't give you a reason why, but can just tell you that it looks to be only isolated to the arty ship.

+2 votes     reply to comment
MurcDusen May 6 2014, 4:12pm replied:

I think that happened to me too... though I just assumed it was because the enemy was too far away or something... should probably keep an eye on that. Best solution of course would be to get some populated servers :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
MurcDusen Apr 11 2014, 10:42am says:

Just played a match against bots. Great work so far I have to say. The ships all feel really well, from the fast and flexible Interceptor to that mammoth of Battleship.
Two things though: Some kind of Freelook is in order, it's really difficult to keep an eye on the battlefield with frigates and battleships, as your only way of looking around is actually turning the ships, and that takes forever.
The other thing might be a bug: When flying the interceptor it seems to kinda lock into place whenever you're not accelerating. Might be intentional, but it feels really weird.
Looking forward to playing this with real players.
Keep up the good work.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Codestar Creator
Codestar Apr 11 2014, 11:21am replied:

Thanks for the great comments!

Yeah I've been wanting to do some kind of freelook for a while and haven't settled on how exactly I want to do it. You'll most likely be looking out of a cockpit eventually and I kind of like the idea of only being able to see what you can see from inside the ship and relying on teammates to spot elsewhere. On the other hand, it'll be a while until that might be implemented and it might not be that fun (especially not in the mean time). I'll seriously consider making the third person view into more of a freelook in an alpha patch.

The fighters are supposed to have a hard time maneuvering at low speeds so that is working as intended. While not terribly realistic, it's an effort to force them to make strafing runs (like a plane) rather than to sit in one place firing (like a helicopter which is more the intended role of the corvettes).


+1 vote   reply to comment
MurcDusen Apr 12 2014, 8:55am replied:

I kind of expected that, having to rely on teammates to survey the battlefield and fighters being supposed to handle like that, and I like those choices. A freelook for the Alpha as an interim solution sounds good though.
Some more feedback/questions:
1) Are Gravity Wells actually in the Alpha? I created a game with their probability at 99%, still I didn't get any in the game (or didn't notice them?)
2) Is the asteroid-type sector the only sector collectors are able to salvage ressources from? Also, if you capture a sector with ressources in it, do additional collectors spawn to collect from that sector specifically or is there a pool of collectors that just get's split up between the captured sectors?
3) Is there Hyperspace damage like in Homeworld? I once managed to destroy the enemy repair station in an epic close struggle with my assault frigate, and just barely made the jump back to my home sector, with about half a bar of hull strength remaining. Shortly after I exited Hyperspace I exploded, and I couldn't see any enemies nearby that could've shot me down (I also didn't pay attention to the killmessage).
4) Can you man the turrets on the flagships?

+1 vote     reply to comment
MurcDusen Apr 12 2014, 8:56am replied:

5) The crosshairs for everything but the fighters seem a bit off, I seem to have to aim a little above my target to actually hit it. Also, targeting itself is a little weird right now. It seems to be half automatic, selecting the target in the middle of the crosshair, even when I specifically selected a target before (by pressing q when it was inside the reticle). It'd be nice to be able to actually lock onto a specific target and have that "tracked" by the target marker, especially in a fighter and corvette. Some sort of sector-wide radar/scanner would be nice too. But I guess thewhole scanner thing is still very far from being finished in this version, and you probably have something in mind already.
6) I'm having some weird performance issues. Every now and then the game decides to stutter horribly, and even just hang up completely (with the task manager saying it doesn't respond at all). They seem somewhat random, but it might be because I set the bot number above the standard 32, but I had games with 99, 80, 70, 60 and 50 bots and all of them except the 99 bot match hung up eventually and had the fluctuating performance. Are there any kind of logs to help diagnose these problems?
7) Do you play a lot of Homeworld? :P
8) Is there some kind of forum to gather feedback like this?
9) Oh, and I nearly forgot this one: When using voice-chat, is it public, for the team, or for the crew of your ship, or are there even different channels to switch between?

Again, great work and I'm really looking forward to the final version.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Codestar Creator
Codestar Apr 14 2014, 2:03pm replied:

Wow so many questions! Let me see if I can answer all of them adequately.

1. Gravity Wells are definitely in and you'll see them as only a single resource asteroid with a purple-y glow. The chance to spawn is currently naive in that it will check each type down the list with asteroid sectors first and gravity wells last. If they are all set to 99 then you probably wont see them. I'll revisit how that logic goes but it hasn't been a priority yet.

2. All sectors contain resources. The way it currently works (subject to change) is that your flagship will periodically send out a collector to each captured sector you own. More captured sectors will mean more collectors.

3. There is no hypersace damage but if you get down to less than 10% health you will have a "hull breach". This mean you will take additional hull damage over time (like bleeding out or being on fire). Since you said you were low on health, this is most likely what happened. Thinking about it, I may alter it a bit so you don't take breach damage while hypering to give you more of a chance to make it to the repair station.

4. You cannot man the flagship turrets. I don't see a need to provide this as you pretty much always should be able to hop into a ship.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Codestar Creator
Codestar Apr 14 2014, 2:03pm replied:

5. The firing angle relative to the crosshair will almost certainly change a bit so I'm not too concerned with it being 100% accurate right now. The way targeting works is that each player can target ships (q by default) to see health/crew/position/ability(if you can stay locked). If another player in your ship targets something, you will see it but partially transparent/not as prominent - bots targeting ships is what I think you're seeing as the automatic parts. Also, you will lose a target if you lose line of sight. This is allow players the chance to lose chasing enemies in an asteroid field for example. A sector radar type thing would be cool but I don't have plans for that right now though that's something to consider for the future at some point.

6. There are logs in the data folder that accompanies the .exe. You can also see the log console by hitting ~ in game. I don't know how helpful it will be for this particular problem but it's always possible. As far as performance issues in general, I've spent only a small amount of time dedicated to optimization so there will be issues but that will be improved over time.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Codestar Creator
Codestar Apr 14 2014, 2:04pm replied:

7. I love Homeworld and I used to play the hell out of it (1 and 2). Unfortunately, I'm not very good at RTSes and would get stomped regularly though the battles always looked awesome. What I always wanted was to play something like Homeworld but from the perspective of a single ship in the middle of a huge fleet on fleet battle. Many years later and I decided I would try my hand at taking that vision and making it so here we are :)

8. I opted to create a subreddit ( for discussion/feedback/bug reporting. It's not very active at the moment but the place does exist and I encourage anyone who is interested to post there.

9. The voice chat was added super last minute and goes out to everyone on the server currently. I intend to at least update it so only teammates hear you and ideally a way to talk to only your ship as well though that adds more complexity. I also need to add a indicator that shows who is talking. So these coming soon.

This fantastic feedback and I really appreciate the time you've spent both on the game and in posting your thoughts here. Hope I've answered everything and don't hesitate to contact me here or at any of the links in the game summary if you have any more questions/comments.


+2 votes   reply to comment
Fireball24 Jul 30 2014, 5:19pm replied:

Man about that 7th answer I exactly wanted that aswell (too bad I am not that good at programming :/ ) I wish you good luck!

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Mar 16 2015, 3:18pm

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Here's a first look at the new interceptor from an in-game screenshot during an epic dogfight!

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BoTC Alpha 0.4.4 is up! Improvements to how rounds work and better AI!

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Finishing up some changes for Alpha 0.4.4 that goes out tomorrow!

Sep 2 2014, 9:53pm

In the middle of a busy couple of weeks. More updates are in the pipeline but it'll take a little longer than usual.

Aug 22 2014, 9:04am

Build 0.4.3 is live! Squashing them bugs.

Aug 13 2014, 3:25pm

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