Battle for Dune: War of Assassins brings you the experience of the 3 great houses, Atreides, Harkonnen and the Ordos first hand in this Dune First Person Shooter indie game! Drive a Buzzsaw across the wastelands of Gidei Prime, hover across the ice and snow of Draconis 4 in a Laser Tank, pilot a Ornithopter over the grassy plains of Caladan or rush over sand dunes as a Fremen on Arrakis!

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so would the war and harvesting on Arakis?? or can be on other "homeworld"?? cause there are no spice on other worlds right??

and I would assume you would work on this mech(can't remember its name)?? how many polygon can the engine support per unit?? do you use extra code for the graphic, cause I saw some really awesome rendering of your game, so would be great to know it is truly what you see is gonna what you get (or perhaps more;) )

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TeamWolf Author

Everything you see ingame is what you will get, granted this is a very old screenshot and almost everything you can has changed and upgraded.

Off world income will arrive via Spaceport Deports delivering Spice.

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Spice is set in a small sink area with an old ruined settlement with high cliffs in the surrounding corner protecting the town from storms. There are a few low accessilbe rocky areas, based mainly in an open boxed out design. There is plently of Spice around for your Harvesters along with a small group of Fremen storehouses ontop of one of the rocks.

Map by Cloud & TeamWolf.

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