Bad Lands: Endless War is a Sequel to Bad Lands, except this game takes place 50 years Before Bad Lands 1. This Game has Only Story Mode on it. The Story is, The planet your on on this game is called "Hellish Planet" Because there is always wars and Battles going on in it. So the Explorer's and the Cavem's used to be teams, but they could never agree on Growing the team, so the Cavem's Attacked the Explorer's Unexpectingly, and it was official, the Cavem's and the Humans were now Enemy's. So The Cavem's eventually wiped out most of the Explorer's team, but one day, a Very smart man named Daniel, Invented a Soldier robot called, the Roboxplorer. They have a mind of thier own and they can talk. So as they used the Roboxplorer's to fight the Cavem's, the Cavem's went to Treevem's Begging for help to Destroy the Explorer's team. So the Treevem's disliked the Humans also, so they decided to Join the Cavem's. So thats where you come in. Your character is named Tom,and you join a Team with 2 other Robot's named Dexter, and Doug, and you Help fight back with the Explorer's team.

Game Over

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