Baby Blues is a horror game where the player is placed in the shoes of Tommy The Toddler. Tommy, as all the other children his age loves to play with toys, but the most beloved toys for Tommy are his teddies. The 3-year-old wakes up to a strange noise in the middle of the night with a bright dim light shining in his eyes. Realizing his beloved teddies are missing; He climbs down out of bed and start to look for them..

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I forgot to rate it. I give it a 9. I suffered more than playing any slenderman game. I almost **** on my pants. Great job (Y)

This game was simple yet fun. The jump scares ... oh those jump scares. You can see me play it here:

Finally a great work with FPSC engine. This is almost a professional work.

Great horror game!

Amazing and scared. PLay it and enjoy for you nightmare.

This games is epic

i thought this was a pretty great game try it out and stuff its cool when i frist saw it i was like teddy bears but durning trying to get them i saw alot of jump scares here and there

Pretty good game that kinda freaked me out lol. The demon that spawns scared me substantially. I decided to hide by the front door and he spawned in front of me :(. It is a game that has great potential as well.

Really creepy, but i don't like the fact of being a 5 year old child, because your so small. I also son't like the fact that your head tilts randomly. Other than that...good game!

Excellent game. Very very creepy

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