atWar, formerly Afterwind, is a free-2-play online multiplayer turn-based strategy game (Silverlight). In the best traditions of Risk and Axis & Allies, you play against other people to fight for world domination. Features free unit movement - no grids or predetermined paths. Up to 20 players in a game, simultaneous turns. Another feature is the Map Editor allowing players to create their own maps and units, giving you the chance to re-enact any battle real or imagined. If you get disconnection problems with the Desura file right after you load the game then you should disable the firewall or add a firewall exception rule... or just go to our website and play in your browser there.

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I tried many in-browser games, and this game really just takes the lead in the games I tried, there isn’t more than around 100.000 players active, so it’s pretty easy to get friends and chatting in room and in all other lobbies. The gameplay is nice and easy to learn, but like in all free2play games there is something they could have done better. In the game you mostly see a lot of games and cause of the new update you are able to play from the middle-age and all the way to the future. In AtWar you have something called SP and it is used for buying upgrades, and you go in higher rank for the more SP you get. The games is actually just RISK but free and better worked out.
With premium features you are able to create maps, how the empires was back at the middle age, how the future are going to end, your own fantasy map and a lot other.
With premium features you are also able to create a coalition, become officer or leaders, get medals which you get SP by receiving and you get access to a Global Chat where everyone can see what you are writing.
When you win a match in AtWar the SP earned in that match will be divided between you and your allies, and all enemy SP will be given to your teams SP pool.
In the game there is 3 lobbies:
Beginner: This lobby is made for novice players, this lobby have a limit when you reach rank 4 you will only be able to play in the Normal lobby and no longer be able to join the beginner lobby.
Normal: This lobby is made for the more advanced players and players under training, this lobby don’t have any limit of ranks. This lobby there can be created everything except for Clan Wars.
Clan Wars: This lobby is made to clans who are competing for the first place every season. All players are able to join a clan there is open clans where you don’t have to apply and then there is the clans where you apply, there is also the closed clans only for invitation.
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Perfect Browser Based mmo browser with a very small download for Microsoft Silver, Way better then the (others) ex:Lux Delux and all the other petty fakes. Join up its amazing!

one of the best game ever i keep playing it and i feel i will never stop playing it LOL

Amazing game. I highly recommend to anybody

Awesome game!

Very addictive, awesome maps and scenarios, tutorial and help button in-game.... This game is fantastic!!!!!

I started to play 2 years ago, when it was Afterwind. I got to the game for his awesome units and no grid. The strategies are as well fun to play. You can make up your own combination and win!

And of course, even though I speak spanish I could get along and find friends in my own language. I did even played some games with them!!!

Good game.

Great indie strategy game that actually involves some brain into it..

Really nice game ;)

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