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Hey guys,

I've been working on a huge update lately, and it seems like I'm going to need help to complete it, and that is why I've decided to take donations to be able to work on the game full-time & get more help!
I feel like this could be the future of this game, I don't want to go into specifics, but it is going to be a game-changing update if I manage to complete it :)
I'm planning to work on the graphics, servers, social features, a story mode (I've considered creating a story mode where you are the protagonist), and many other things I've had in mind for a while now but I never had the time & resources to create...

Any amount of donation is appreciated, you may write notes with the donation regarding things you'd like to see in the game (or things I should change) and I'll look into it ^.^

Donation link:

Hall of Fame (Top Donators List):
1. -Requested to stay anonymous - 100$
2. James Pete - 50$
3. Tricky862 - 35$
4. DonaldBuck - 30$
5. Peronny - 1$

*Donations above 20$ will receive a personal thank you letter
*Donations above 30$ will receive the latest version of the game + future updates (will be sent to their mail) + a personal thank you note
*Donations above 50$ will receive the above + be able to suggest new ideas for the game
*Donations above 100$ will receive the above + will be a part of a video I am creating about the game

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