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The summer semester has begun. I have to attend lectures and exercises so I cannot focus on development as much as I would like to. However I still manage to make progress and fulfill my imaginary weekly quota. Here are the news:


Improved new design combined with old functionality. They attract all metal objects (and drones) in their vicinity.

Entrance elevator

Just a new design for the elevator that will be taking you to the beginning of each selected level.

Level exit

It will open if you finish your task. You just need to jump in and enjoy your fall!

Cardboard boxes

They were introduced in early dev. versions of the game and now they're back. They can be used to reduce fall damge and save you from certain death.

Water lever

It floats on the water surface and can activate connected components if there is enough water or if you can come up with a different way how to get it in place. Water levers were introduced some time ago but now they have this new, improved design.

Water gates

This new component allows you to set whole body of water into motion. Flowing water can carry all
the floating objects.

Electrificator and power transmitter

The first one is a special cube that activates if it detects liquid and creates electric strong electric impulses. The second one is a device that can transfer electricity from water to other objects and activate them. But be carefull. Electrified water is very dangerous for robots.

I've also made some progress to the main menu and our composer is working on several new tracks that will be played in-game as background music.
My current work consists of redesigning construction frames and of adding new ways of how they can be used so that's what you should see here next time.

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Artificial Mind Update #11 - Redesigning

Artificial Mind Update #11 - Redesigning

News 2 comments

It is 3 months since I wrote the last article about Artificial Mind but I'm back with some news!

Artificial Mind Update #10 - Assembly station and player created structures

Artificial Mind Update #10 - Assembly station and player created structures

News 2 comments

Check out the improved assembly station where you can create your own vehicles and structures that will help you solve various puzzles.

Artificial Mind Update #9 - Drones and the official soundtrack!

Artificial Mind Update #9 - Drones and the official soundtrack!

News 7 comments

Next week is here with some new exciting game mechanics!

Artificial Mind Update #8 - Electromagnets and Cutters

Artificial Mind Update #8 - Electromagnets and Cutters

News 9 comments

Check out all the improvements and new game mechanics that were added to the game during this week!

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This game has the undeniable desirably aesthitic feel of Portal but brings in a completely new game style never before seen. This game looks to be a very good Indie game even without the connection of Steam. I am excited for this game and wish you all the best in your endeavours :)

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SimpleGhost Creator

Thanks! We really appreciate your support and we will try to do our best :)

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This looks very interesting and I am really looking forward to playing this! :D

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Hey look! Its portal 3!

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Isn't portal 3 Inversion?

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I featured your game on my blog: H2fgamedev.blogspot.com

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SimpleGhost Creator

Thanks man ;)
I really appreciate your support!

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I'm just wondering, are you planning on releasing a level editor or anything like that? Because, in the occasion that people get bored of the game's main puzzles, they'll probably want to create their own.

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SimpleGhost Creator

Hi! There is definitely going to be some sort of sandbox mode where you will be able to build vehicles, create structures from various parts and blow them away ...etc. but it is not going to be a "real" level editor.
However I might add it in the future if there are enough people who will support the game ;)

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