Armed Assault is a first person tactical military shooter with large elements of realism and simulation. This game features a blend of large-scale military conflict spread over large areas alongside the more closed quarters battle. The player will find himself thrust in the midst of an engaging and expanding storyline, fighting against smart, aggressive enemies who will continually provide a challenge over a massive landscape.

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10 killeranthony

Sep 1st, 2014

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facundo_al says
10 facundo_al

Jul 3rd, 2014

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FEARPointManOperativ says
8 FEARPointManOperativ

Jul 1st, 2014

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GeekGirl says
7 GeekGirl

Jun 14th, 2014

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10 b3nderz

Jan 17th, 2014

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yapper123 says
10 yapper123

Sep 1st, 2013

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Zerola123 says
8 Zerola123

Jul 16th, 2013

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10 brunopon2

Jun 24th, 2013

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10 Col_Collins

Jun 21st, 2013

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10 karlou95

May 21st, 2013

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