In 2009 the fictional post-soviet country of Chernarus is ravaged by civil war. For two crippling years, conflict has raged... Players explore this volatile world with Force Recon Razor Team, part of a US Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit. The 27th MEU are deployed to Northern Chernarus on a peacekeeping mission with a mandate to prevent further civilian casualties and promote political stability. ARMA 2 is based on the latest generation technology. It offers a uniquely vast game world, authentic and extremely detailed modern units, weapons, vehicles and environments. The branching, player-driven campaign can be played solo, or cooperatively and is accompanied by a huge range of single and multiplayer game modes. ARMA 2 is a hardcore military simulator that allows the player to carry out the many different roles of a soldier in combat zones. Its campaign takes place in the 225 square-kilometre fictional ex-soviet state of Chernarus where a bloody conflict is taking place.

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Excellent game, best I have ever played by far!

Best Game Ever

Sandbox. Best. Ever.


so good that i like

well, i'd actually rate this game 8.5 in most gaming sites.
why? well, let's talk about it

the gameplay:
quite a lot of controls, but they're easy to get used to, well, it took me 1 day to familiarize myself with them.
during the gameplay, it's just like playing the role of a real soldiers, pew pew and you're dead, this means, no health regeneration, GO HARDCORE;
the aiming in-game is the thing which i like most about this game, polished ironsights, free aiming, recoil, lower acurrarcy after sprinting for a determinated time, and things like that;
the AI is very good, tactical, intelligent and self sustaining, otherwise, on easier difficults they will have longer intervals of aiming;
the gameplay feels a lot realistic, i love it;
The vehicle handling will get easier as you pratice,(well, i'm not good with choppers, preffer being a rifleman or a medic), well, your player doesn't move his hands while driving/flying, but you won't get to drive oftenly anyways;
there's still some notable bugs and glitches, but they get fixed with official and unofficial patches.

gameplay= 9/10 - nearly perfect, but a little fixing here and here should do it.

something that obviously won't lack in this game, LOTS of weapons, vehicles, infantry, maps and some other multiplayer stuff that will be mentioned later;
the game's got an character creator sorta thing, where you edit your character's appearance and voice, just like in the older games;
it's got a custom radio chatter system too, but the prhases that the player will mention in-game will be the same thing as using voice test on windows.(and it might get annoying after sometime, because for every enemy the player sees, he will reveal their positions)
9/10 It's really good in my opinion, because that variety is always welcome.

well, i would want to say more thing about this game, but, damn moddb won't let me, so here it goes:
History: 9/10
Mods: 100/10


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