You wake up feeling dazed on windswept mountain path leading to a misty forest. As the sun sets you stagger forwards with the feeling that someone is watching you. Seeking shelter from a cold but light downpour, you enter a cave and come upon a vial with glowing liquid on a rock, almost as if on display. As you exit the cave, you make your way through the undergrowth, and stumble upon another relic. As you pick it up, the faint glow from your vial displays a projected drawing. Using only your wits, a keen eye and a great deal of caution, you may discover what happened in this misty forest, what happened to yourself, and then maybe, just maybe, find an escape out of this strange and eerily haunted place.

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Development of the next iteration of Aporia is already underway.
Here are the first bunch of screenshots from the newest build and level!

Nov 8th, 2012