Apocalypse Not is a very ambitious game. It aims to bring FPS/RTS/RPG and survival horror elements all into one game… And to well, actually not have it suck. The basic concept is that you are a survivor in a randomly generated city trying to rebuild civilization or to just survive long enough to escape. To rebuild you’ll need to find and recruit survivors in order to defend your territory and fortify new areas. Each area you fortify will provide different bonuses. For example a power plant will activate the power grid providing light during the night hours along with other added bonuses. Capturing houses will provide places for your survivors to live and allow you to recruit more. Farms provide food and the police station will probably have some weapons and ammunition. The game is currently free in it’s Alpha state, and I plan to release a new update every week with something new.

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two bugs/glitches i noticed (Games : Apocalypse Not : Forum : Bug Reports : two bugs/glitches i noticed) Locked
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Aug 12 2012 Anchor

ok so there where 2 bugs i noticed the first one was a house was generated and the widow whas sticking out of the house"as in the glass wasn't in the window frame"

the second one was i found a katana and couldn't pick it up "this might be do to the fact that the very tip of the blade was sticking into the wall"

Aug 12 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the report. I do know that occasionally a window will come out of it's normal placement and I should have that fixed in the next release. As far as the Katana part were you already carrying a melee weapon such as Axe? Currently the game only allows you to carry 1 melee weapon, sidearm, and primary weapon.

Aug 13 2012 Anchor

ohh ok thats what i was doing wrong :D didn't know that

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