A person who knows or remembers nothings finds himself severely injured in a terrifying situation. He appears to be in some sort of futuristic facility, the likes of which he’s never seen. Through listening to recordings on Audio Logs left from people an ominous reality rises. When one Audio Logs hints ‘escape pods’ out of all the confusion and chaos an objective becomes clear. Escape. Survival. It’s the only option left. An Instinctive Fear is a First Person Shooter with elements of puzzle, horror and the overall objective to escape. It is being made with FPS Creator.

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Continuing with the improved core features for the game, I have scripted and pieced together a basic inventory system. It informs the player of what they have, and in the case of health packs, how many of it they have. It also provides a brief description for any keys the player is holding at the time they view the inventory, so it becomes a useful reference for those who can't remember what the purpose of their key is. The special items category refers to anything the player can take for specific purposes on different levels. It is left blank in this video because there are no special items, and there are no blank pictures for it because varying types of items can fit there.

Hopefully this inventory system + the map system will help add depth and useful reference to the game, and achieve a better experience for the player throughout the game.